How To Narrate a Powerpoint?

Narration is one of the most important parts of a presentation, especially if you plan to share it online, or turn it into a video. Narration can make or break your videos depending on how well you execute it. Instead of sharing static slides that people need to read, along with speaker notes that they also need to consider, you can convert slides into a video by adding voice narration. So what are the benefits? Well for starters, narration in videos helps people understand concepts that might be difficult to explain with just visuals. It’s also an excellent way to take advantage of sound effects like music or background audio.

Narration in videos is crucial for conveying information quickly and efficiently. This article will show you how make Powerpoint read aloud and add narration voice-over to your slides!

How Do I Make Powerpoint Read Aloud?

What is video narration?

Narration in a video is just like it sounds - when someone talks about what they are showing on the screen. Audio commentary helps explain visuals, provide context, and dive deeper into important concepts you plan to explain.

Of course, you can cram a lot of text into a single PowerPoint slide, and even add graphics to make the content easier to understand, but this can overwhelm the readers. Lots of text on a single slide also requires using small fonts, which makes your content difficult to consume on small screens and mobile devices. Adding audio narration to explain the content allows you to keep just the key points in the slides, and focus the attention of your audience on the crucial aspects of your presentation.

However, the narration should not be too distracting because then the audience would lose focus of the visuals or sound effects, which can make your videos really amazing if done correctly! A long monologue over a single visual can get boring. A good trick to keep the interest of the audience is to have music playing over narration to make it less distracting and give your voice over a more important role. (Narakeet has some great free background music you can use immediately in your videos).

Sound effects or background audio go hand-in-hand with narration because they can be used to enhance the video in just about any way possible, whether that’s creating suspense before revealing something on screen or adding an element of humor into what you’re saying - there are countless ways to use sound effects throughout videos.

The importance of video narration

There are a few reasons narration in videos is becoming more and more popular. The first reason is that it helps people understand concepts or ideas better than just visuals alone, which can be especially useful in educational videos where the goal would be to teach someone something new.

Another great thing about the narration is that you have control over what your viewers focus on, because they won’t see anything else besides what’s happening on screen while they listen to narration (unless of course there are other things going on as well - like sound effects or music)! In this case, since most people watch YouTube videos with their headphones plugged into their phones/computers, then we all know how easy it would be for them to ignore visuals, but they will hear the narration.

If a video doesn’t have narration, background music is the only thing that can play over the video footage, which does not capture the attention of the audience effectively. This illustrates how important narration is to any kind of YouTube channel, so don’t neglect this aspect if you want people to understand what they are watching!

Another great benefit of narration in a video is that it helps enhance suspense before revealing something on-screen, whether that’s through building up tension with dramatic pauses accompanied by tense/dramatic music, or having someone talk slowly while explaining something that’s about to be revealed. There are countless ways narration in a video can improve the experience of watching it, so just keep this advice in mind if you want your videos to stand out from everyone else’s!

How to Add Voice Over to Video?

Using text-to-voice conversion is the fastest way to record audio content for your videos. It also makes it easy to experiment with the narration, and adjust the script without having to re-record and re-edit the video again. It also makes it much faster and easier to produce a narrated video compared to recording your own voice, especially if you are not a professional voice actor.

Alternatively, prepare the script and then record the narration directly in Powerpoint, adding it as an audio element. The narration needs to sound natural so keep practicing your narration until it sounds as though you’re actually talking to someone naturally instead of just reading off script, then record it.

The narration in a video should be done by someone with experience and who is knowledgeable about the subject - whether that’s you or someone else. A great tip to take into consideration before recording narration is to consider how other people might react to watching a video like yours - while some may love narration, others could find it distracting. This means they won’t watch past the first minute and either way, as creators we want our audience members to stick around until the end don’t we? To keep the attention, then try adding music behind it or cutting out parts of narration to reduce its length, because there’s nothing worse for a viewer than being bored out of their mind while watching videos! Remember that some people might not be able to consume audio content – they could be hearing impaired or just in a noisy environment. Make sure to include subtitles or closed captions for them.

Examples of different types of narrations

  • Tutorial video to explain how something works or instructions on what the viewer should be doing at certain parts of the video.
  • Slow and dramatic - when revealing shocking/surprising elements in your videos.
  • Entertaining and lighthearted throughout most of your video - which can help make it less boring for viewers if they aren’t too interested in watching you play games all day!

There are plenty of other examples where narration could come into play within YouTube videos so just use these tips as inspiration if you need to!

How To Add Narration to Powerpoint?

Type the script for the narration into presenter notes of a Powerpoint document and Narakeet will convert it into voice over using natural sounding text-to-speech. This is the easiest way to narrate your Powerpoints and add commentary to your videos.

You can do it without registration, either by converting your existing slideshows (PowerPoint, Google Slides or Keynote) or using one of our templates for video formats on different popular platorms (YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn). We’ll turn them into HD video presentations in no time at all so that you can focus on creating great content instead of editing boring slide shows! Did we mention that everything will be done automatically? No manual edits needed whatsoever! Just sit back and watch as our narration text editor does all the work for you!

  • Keep narration short and snappy - don’t be afraid to cut out parts that most people won’t need in order to understand your points. Use short paragraphs and sentences. Don’t use complicated words, long sentences, or unusual spellings.
  • Make your narration easy to read and understand – some people might be consuming it as closed captions or subtitles.
  • Check out our guide on key tips for text-to-speech narration for some more ideas on how to make the most out of text-to-voice services.
  • Don’t forget about keywords when writing narration text - they’re important too because anyone looking up tutorials or examples might end up clicking on your video if those words pop out at them as being relevant enough during their search!
  • Vary the voice speed and volume and use multiple voices to keep things interesting.

Try Narakeet without registration and create narration easily with professional results. It’s perfect both for beginners starting from scratch and professionals who want to improve their content!

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