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With natural, realistic AI reader voices, you can read text out loud quickly and conveniently, much faster than recording the voiceover yourself or hiring voice artists. Play the video below (with sound on) for a quick demo of some of our TTS reader voices.

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Read out loud

A text to speech reader, or shorter TTS reader, is a tool that can read text aloud using computer voice synthesis. With advancements in artificial intelligence, the quality of reading out loud by latest generation AI voices has become indistinguishable from a human narrator in many cases. As technology continues to evolve, companies and individuals increasingly rely on text to speech readers to produce voiceovers and audio materials for a wide variety of purposes. Here are some of the most common use cases for online AI reader technology:

Narrate text

Using TTS reader, you can easily read out loud text from short sentences, such as call centre prompts and voicemail greetings, to hours of text for corporate reports or audiobooks. An AI reader can save you time and money compared to a human voice actor by providing consistent and clear audio output without the need for multiple retakes or edits. Unlike humans who might get tired, require breaks, or vary in tonality and pace, an AI reader maintains a consistent voice quality throughout.

Read aloud books

Many online reader sites allow you to process short paragraphs of text, but Narakeet lets you convert entire books to audio easily. Our intuitive user interface allows you to easily upload materials in Word, PDF, EPUB or RTF formats, try out voices and test samples quickly to choose the best AI reader to read aloud your books, then convert the full book quickly into MP3, WAV or M4A (MPEG-4 Audio). See our guide on How to create high-quality text to speech audio for information on how to select the output format.

Our TTS reader platform usually records audio at 5-10 times the speed of a human reading out loud text. Human speech is mostly between 150-200 words per minute. For example, a 50,000 word book is usually between 250 and 350 minutes. Even a trained voice actor would take six or seven hours to record that content. Our text to speech reader will do it in less than one hour. This allows you to save significant time when producing audio content.

As the AI online readers produce consistent content over time, if you want to change just a few words or paragraphs in the future, you can come back and re-record just that, then stitch it together with the old content using any audio editor. With human voice recordings, even the same person recording the same text with the same equipment over a longer period of time can sound different, so you would usually need to re-record the entire book to add small changes and avoid inconsistencies.

To read loud books, and similar long materials, use our full Text to Audio tool.

Natural text to speech reader

Most of our 700 AI TTS readers are human-like, and produce natural, realistic sound close to how a native speaker reading out loud. When you use a natural text to speech reader, your audience will not be able to tell that the recording was created by a computer. Some of our voices are better for shorter content, such as call centres/IVR responses. Some are great for reading educational materials, such as lectures or tutorials. Some are better for serious materials, such as corporate reports and news. Some have character and depth, great for storytelling. Some are straightforward and monotone, great for situations when you want to make sure your message is clearly understood, such as voicemail messages.

Make sure to try our a few AI voices using the preview function to find the best voice for your text.

Computer voice reader

Sometimes it’s useful for text to speech the audio to sound unnatural. Computerized voices can be useful for science fiction movies or video games, giving AI or robotic characters personality. Narakeet has several great-sounding synthetic voices, including those that sound like robots, demons or other unnatural creatures. These distinct synthetic voices can add depth and nuance to a narrative, setting the tone for futuristic or fantastical settings. Audiences can find such unique audio elements intriguing, further immersing them into the world of the story or game.

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