Voice AI

AI Text to Speech with more than 700 realistic AI voices in 100 languages. Try free online, no card or registration required. Here are some of our most popular English voice AI readers:

For 700 more voices in other languages, check out our full AI Reader tool.

AI Text to Speech

Voice AI technology makes it possible to easily convert text into spoken words. With Narakeet, you can turn text into speech in 100 languages and accents. This allows you to produce localized content for audiences in many countries, easily produce e-learning content for a global workforce, make alternative audio tracks for your social media posts and videos, and record audio messages and prompts for your call centre and customer service systems.

Get started for free with our AI text to speech. You can make up to 20 audio files free, without even registering.

Get started

For additional capacity, longer conversion tasks (including full books), upgrade to commercial plan. Our AI speech plans are based on the duration of the materials you produce, so you can get started cheaply and quickly without a huge commitment.

AI Reader

Our AI reader supports many document formats, and allows you to read aloud text from Word files, PDF documents or EPUB ebooks. You can easily create hundreds of small audio files by loading an Excel spreadsheet, or turn an ebook into an audiobook. You can even convert a subtitle file (SRT or VTT) into an audio synchronized with original timestamps, to quickly create alternative audio tracks.

AI Text to Speech

Using AI text to speech voices in multiple languages, you can create engaging dialogues for training materials, or make stories and audiobooks with different characters. With a huge variety in voice age, gender and tone, our AI voices make it easy to produce lots of different types of audio and video content in minutes.

Narakeet AI reader intuitive interface makes it simple to adjust reading speed, tone, and even accent to suit your preferences. You can create MP3 files for online audiences, lossless WAV files for professional movie/audio production or smaller phone-line quality files for IVR and call centre automation.

AI Speech

AI speech technology has improved so much over the last few years that it is indistinguishable from human speech for lots of different purposes. In general, unless your audio requires a huge emotional range or singing, AI voices will be as good as hiring human voice actors, but much cheaper and easier to work with. In addition, AI readers have a consistency that humans cannot easily provide. If you need to add a sentence or change something in a long audio recording months after you initially made it, with AI voices you can easily just re-record the changed part and insert it into the old content. With humans, even the most well trained voice actors working with the same equipment and in a professional recording studio might sound different than they did months ago. This makes AI speech ideal for materials that you may want to change or extend in the future, such as e-learning content. AI voice consistency is also very important for businesses that want to have a consistent auditory brand presented in multiple channels, such as voice messages, web content and customer communication.

AI Voices

Narakeet has one of the biggest library of AI voices online, easily accessible to you. With male and female voices in 100 languages, you have plenty of choices for making all sorts of audio materials. We also have a huge range of child voices, and provide controls for modifying the voice pitch and speed, making it possible to create variants for video game characters, story and movie roles and many other types of content. Here are some useful links to help you get started:

Narakeet helps you create text to speech voiceovers, turn Powerpoint presentations and Markdown scripts into engaging videos. It is under active development, so things change frequently. Keep up to date: RSS, Slack, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok

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