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Essential Guide: Write an Amazing Voice-Over Script

– Have you ever sat down to write a voice-over script? If so, have you experienced writer’s block? If so, you are not alone. Many of us experienced the same thing. For years, people have called out for better voice-over scripts, without the clichés. They want a more natural and authentic presentation of their product/service. (read more)


What Is Text-To-Speech (TTS) Technology and How It Works

– Text-To-Speech (TTS) software reads digital text aloud, turning script into voice. It is great for people who want to record audio but do not want to use their own voice. Neural-network AI voices are so good now that they can sound better than people who are not native speakers in the target language, or even native speakers with a strong accent. Text-to-speech is also useful for people who need to record a voice-over but do not have professional audio equipment or a sound-proof environment. (read more)

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– How to make perfect conclusions for any type of presentation! (read more)

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