Commercial Usage Rights, Copyright and Monetization

This page explains your rights to use the content produced with Narakeet. Read the details below for information on commercial use of text to speech voices, copyright and content monetization on social media platforms.

Is commercial use allowed for text to speech materials?

Commercial use is allowed for any content created using a commercial account. There are no ongoing royalties or usage rights for the voices, apart from your regular account cost.

Commercial use is not allowed for any content created using a free account. You can only use such materials for personal and evaluation purposes.

Text to speech voices provided by Narakeet are not subject to third-party copyright. Unlike humans, AI does not get copyright automatically for the materials it creates.

The copyright will depend on the text you use for audio, or the materials you use for a video.

  • If you create an audio from original content, for example a script you wrote, then you will own the copyright.

  • If you create audio from someone else’s material (an article or a book someone else published), then the author of the source material most likely owns the copyright. You will need to get usage rights for the source materials, or it may cause copyright issues. Note that this is not depending on the voices, but on the source material. The same would apply if you recorded the audio yourself.

Can text to speech be monetized on social media?

Different platforms have different rules, so it’s best to check directly with the platform where you want to publish the content. However, in general, social medial platforms allow you to monetize content if you have commercial usage rights, and the content is advertiser friendly.

From the perspective of Narakeet voices, you can get commercial usage rights by activating a commercial account. To upgrade to a commercial account, just buy any plan from our pricing page and then create your materials.

You may also need to secure commercial usage rights to any source materials (text for the narration and visuals used in videos). This does not depend on Narakeet, and the same would apply if you recorded the audio yourself.

To ensure that your material is advertiser friendly, do not create dull, repetitive, spam content. Make something original.

Are there any ongoing royalties or talent usage rights?

From the perspective of Narakeet voices, there are no additional payments required for continual usage of the materials you create.

If you create audio or video materials from source content owned by someone else, there might be royalties/usage rights you need to pay for those materials. This is not related to the AI voices, but directly related to the source content rights.

Are there any usage restrictions?

If you have a commercial account (Top-Up and Subscription accounts count as commercial), then there are no usage restrictions. You can use the materials you created with Narakeet online, offline, in broadcasting, on radio, remix the content, include it in other materials, and generally do whatever you like with the content, as long as you had the right to use the source text. So for audio or video files created from original content, there are no usage restrictions. For audio or video materials created from copyrighted content, your usage rights will depend on that content.

Note that our terms of use prevent creating certain types of material, including harmful, offensive, unlawful, fraudulent or spam. See section 13 of our Terms of use for more information.

If you do not have a commercial account, then only personal use is allowed.

How to upgrade to a commercial account?

The easiest way to activate a commercial account is to buy any plan from our pricing page. Your account will be active immediately after the payment is processed successfully, and you will instantly get commercial usage rights for the content created using that account.

More information

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