Developer APIs, command line tools, automating text to speech audio and video production

Narakeet makes it easy to script text to speech or video production, and integrate it with a continuous delivery pipeline.

When to use the API?

Common use cases for our API are:

  • to batch-produce hundreds of small audio files
  • to integrate Narakeet text to speech voices into your own application
  • to automatically build up-to-date documentation videos for your application
  • to create several versions of a single video, for example in different languages

Getting your API key

To use any of the options below, you will need an API key. For information on how to get a key, check out our guide on Managing API Keys.

Text to Speech API

See the Text to Speech API guide for information on creating audio files.

Text to Speech API

See the Text to Speech API guide for information on creating audio files.

Voice List API

See the Voice List API guide for more information on listing available voices.

Account Credits API

See the Account Credits API guide for more information on automatically retrieving your available credits.

Command-line client

You can use this command-line tool to batch-produce audio files, or to build a video using files from a local directory or an online ZIP archive. See Using the Narakeet Command-line Tool for more information.

GitHub actions

For users that want to keep video scripts and assets on GitHub, we support directly building videos using GitHub actions. See Building videos using GitHub actions for more information.


There is no additional price for using the API, it is included in our regular subscription offer for all top-up or metered subscription commercial accounts.

Free accounts and unmetered subscriptions are not eligible for API keys.

Scope and API limitations

The audio API allows processing documents up to 100 KB for the long content (polling) API, and 1 KB for the streaming API.

Audio projects cannot include external resources (such as additional audio files, background music etc). Use the video project type if you need more capacity for a single project or want to include external resources.

The video API only allows making videos from Markdown scripts. Although users also can convert Powerpoint presentations into videos using Narakeet, it’s not currently possible to directly automate this process.

By default, the API allows you to make 86,400 requests per day (1 per second). If you need to build more audio or video files through the API, request an increased quota by sending an email to