Narakeet has several types of accounts:

  • Free accounts: try out Narakeet without registering or paying
  • Personal: for easy top-up purchases, without set-up fees, subscriptions or recurring costs
  • Organisational: for recurring subscriptions, tax invoices, vendor onboarding and paying for multiple users

Free accounts

Anyone can create up to 5 videos without even registering. Anonymous users are limited to uploads up to 10 MB to prevent abuse, with a maximum of 20 scenes per video (or slides in a presentation). Registered users can, before paying, create videos with up to 50 scenes, and upload files up to 100 MB size, with a total of 200 MB per project.

Commercial account limits

Commercial users can create videos with up to 300 scenes, and upload files up to 350 MB size, with a total of 400 MB per project.

We can increase the limits on demand for commercial users, contact us to request an increase.

Personal accounts

Personal accounts are charged by the duration of the video or audio media you create, in increments of 1 second.

Top up easily when ever you need more capacity, without any minimums or recurring costs.

30 minutes @ $0.20 per minuteUSD 6Buy
300 minutes @ $0.15 per minuteUSD 45Buy
1000 minutes @ $0.10 per minuteUSD 100Buy
2500 minutes @ $0.08 per minuteUSD 200Buy
10000 minutes @ $0.05 per minuteUSD 500Buy
30 minutes @ £0.20 per minuteGBP 6Buy
300 minutes @ £0.15 per minuteGBP 45Buy
1000 minutes @ £0.10 per minuteGBP 100Buy
2500 minutes @ £0.08 per minuteGBP 200Buy
10000 minutes @ £0.05 per minuteGBP 500Buy
30 minutes @ €0.20 per minuteEUR 6Buy
300 minutes @ €0.15 per minuteEUR 45Buy
1000 minutes @ €0.10 per minuteEUR 100Buy
2500 minutes @ €0.08 per minuteEUR 200Buy
10000 minutes @ €0.05 per minuteEUR 500Buy

Organisational accounts

Organisational subscriptions are billed monthly or yearly. We offer two types of organisational subscriptions:

  • flat price based on the number of users, or
  • metered billing based on the duration of video or audio media created.

With an organisational subscription, you can pay for multiple users on the same invoice.

We can offer generous discounts for educational institutions and non-profit organisations.

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More information

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