Data security information

This document was last updated: 13 October 2023.

This page summarises the most important data security and privacy aspects of Narakeet.

Our privacy policy

Our privacy policy is published on the Narakeet privacy policy page.

Terms of usage

Our usage terms and conditions are published on the Narakeet terms page.

Where is your data stored?

Any files you upload to Narakeet, along with the videos produced by the application, are stored in Amazon Web Services in the US-East-1 region (North Virginia).

The files are stored encrypted (encryption at rest) and transferred between your browser and our services using HTTPS (encryption at transit).

Technically, we implement storage using AWS S3 server-side encryption.

Is the data secured at transit?

Narakeet uses strict transport security to ensure that your data is private and safe. All the file transfers and web interactions are protected using HTTPS. See the details of our external transport security.

Are the files stored privately?

Narakeet uses storage authentication for each access to a video file or uploaded asset, so other users do not have any access to your files, even if you uploaded them without registering. Technically, we implement this using AWS Cognito and AWS IAM with S3 access policies.

Who has access to your files?

The user who uploaded the assets has access to the source files and the resulting video. Other users do not have access to your files.

Our internal support staff can, upon your explicit request, also have access to your files for the purpose of providing assistance. Narakeet is operated by Video Puppet Limited and we do not outsource support or provide access to your files to any third-parties.

How long are the user files kept?

Source assets (presentations, images and scripts you uploaded to make videos) are kept for 30 days after uploading, to allow you to edit and re-create audio and video files easily. After 30 days, they are automatically deleted.

Result assets (videos produced from your source assets, subtitles or audio files) are kept up to 48 hours after creation, to allow you to download or share them easily, and then automatically deleted.

You can request earlier removal by sending an email to

Narakeet does not claim any copyright for the user-generated content. If you had the right to use the assets that you uploaded to Narakeet, then you fully own the rights to the video as well.

Our Terms of use only require that you give us the license to store and process your materials according to your instructions. We do not have any other rights to your material.

Are the videos published anywhere?

Narakeet does not automatically publish your videos anywhere without your explicit instructions. Your videos are private by default.

What data processors does Narakeet use?

We rent data storage, communication, web hosting and computing services from Amazon Web Services and they will act as a data processor for any personal data we collect from you. You can view the privacy policy of this service provider at See their GDPR compliance page for more information related to EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

For payment processing, we use Stripe. You can view the privacy policy of this service provider at See their GDPR compliance page for more information related to EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

For text-to-speech audio processing, we use the following providers:

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) Polly,
  • Google Cloud Text-to-Speech,
  • IBM Watson Text-To-Speech,
  • Yandex Text-To-Speech,
  • Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services,
  • CereProc
  • Unreal Speech

We do not share any personal user information with the voice providers.

What personally identifiable information does Narakeet store and process?

When you sign up to Narakeet we collect and store your username, name and email address for the purpose of displaying it on your profile page, contacting you with key operational notifications and allowing you to re-set your password should you lose it. We also store your password (hashed and in a secure storage) for the purpose of authenticating access to your files.

When you sign in through a third-party login provider, we store your external user identifier, name and email address for the purpose of displaying it on your profile page, contacting you with key operational notifications and authenticating you.

We also collect IP addresses from user web requests for the purpose of security auditing and protecting the service against abuse.

If and when provided by you, our payment processors may collect your payment information and other personal information required to process payments. We do not collect or store this information directly.

In case of suspected payment fraud, unauthorised usage, violation of our terms or abuse, we may store the IP addresses and email addresses related to the incident for the purpose of protecting the service and preventing future abuse.

Is Narakeet collecting personal data about users from any other source?

If you use a third-party login provider (such as Sign in with Google or Login with Amazon), we collect your basic profile information as outlined above.

When you use our payment processor, we may collect additional information such as the subscription identifiers and payment authentication tokens from the payment providers.

We do not collect any other personal data from any other provider.

Which countries is the personal data stored in?

We store data in the Amazon Web Services us-east-1 data centre, located in the US.

For information on where our payment processor stores your data, please consult Stripe support.

How long does Narakeet store personal data for?

User information is stored for the duration of your user account, and is removed when the account expires, or when you request that we delete it.

Data collected for fraud prevention, security auditing purposes is stored indefinitely.

Is Narakeet making automated decisions about users (including profiling)?

We use your profile information to decide on the level of service we can provide.

Other than for this purpose, Narakeet is not making any other automated decisions about users.

Has any personal data been disclosed inadvertently in the past, or as a result of a security or privacy breach?

We are not aware of any security or privacy breaches related to data stored by Narakeet.

Does Narakeet keep data backups?

We keep a copy of key user information, and backups of files uploaded by users, inside AWS as outlined above.

How to get a copy of your personal data stored by Narakeet?

Please send an email to

How to request the removal of your information from Narakeet?

Please send an email to