Frequently Asked Questions

How secure are uploaded files?

Your files are transferred and stored encrypted. Other users do not have any access to your files, even if you uploaded them without registering. See the Data Security information for more details.

How much does Narakeet cost?

See Pricing.

Narakeet does not claim any copyright for the user-generated content. If you had the right to use the visuals and text used to create a video, then you fully own the rights to the video as well.

Our Terms of use only require that you give us the license to store and process your materials according to your instructions.

Can I use Narakeet voices on YouTube?

Yes, you can freely use our text to speech voices on YouTube and anywhere else, even for commercial purposes. Although the YouTube copyright strike process is cryptic and outside of our control, we ensure that all the voices on our platform are available for usage without royalties. Hundreds of our users publish videos to YouTube and social media every day, without anyone reporting any automated copyright problems so far.

Controlling narration

What voices/languages does Narakeet support?

Check out the supported voices list.

I don’t like the automated voice, can I add my own?

Of course. You can add pre-recorded audio files to scenes. Check out the Audio Files format reference for more information.

I like the idea of automating voice, but can I add my own?

Narakeet integrates with several voice synthesis services, including IBM Watson, Microsoft Cognitive Services and Amazon Polly, which offer custom branded voices. You can create a custom brand voice with Amazon, IBM or Microsoft and we can then integrate it into Narakeet with a custom plan. Contact us for more information about custom plan integrations.

How to add pauses, breaks or control pronunciation?

Check out the Narration format reference.

Working with PowerPoint slides

How to create a video from Powerpoint?

Check out the From PowerPoint to Video tutorial for a quick introduction, and the Format Reference for a full list of features.

What are the limitations?

At the moment, PowerPoint slides can either be static images or videos. Embedded videos (just part of the page) are not supported, neither are animations or transitions in PowerPoint.

Why does the text look differently in the video than in my PowerPoint?

You most likely did not embed fonts into the document before uploading to Narakeet, so the conversion service could not use the exact same font files as when you created the presentation. Save the file again with embedded fonts and upload to Narakeet. If the text still looks differently, please contact us so we can investigate.

How to add narration to a Powerpoint document?

Put the text into speaker notes. Check out the Narration format reference for more information.

Working with script files

How to create a video script file?

Check out the Getting started with video scripts documentation for a quick introduction, the Formatting Reference for a full list of features, and demo examples for a demonstration of the key features.

What asset types are supported?

Narakeet supports JPG, GIF and PNG images, WAV, MP3, WMA, AAC and M4A sound files and MP4, QuickTime MOV, M4V, WMV, AVI and MPEG video files.

How to set up an automated build?

Check out the page on Automating Video Production.