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Narakeet helps you create text to speech voiceovers, turn Powerpoint presentations and Markdown scripts into engaging videos. It is under active development, so things change frequently. Keep up to date: RSS, Slack, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok

Telugu voice generators

Telugu voice synthesis now available

– We’ve got some exciting news to share! We’ve just released two new Telugu text to speech voices, Ramakrishna and Lalita. They make it easy to create awesome Telugu content for social media, advertising and broadcasting that sounds natural and engaging. (read more)

Basque voice generators

Basque language text to speech voices now available

– We are excited to announce that Narakeet now offers Basque language voices for text to speech conversion! Meet Aitor and Leira, our new Basque TTS voices, who can bring your scripts to life in a natural and engaging way. With their clear pronunciation and expressive intonation, Aitor and Leira are perfect for creating voiceovers, video narrations, and other spoken content in Basque. (read more)

Burmese voice generators

Burmese text to speech synthesis now available

– Burmese text-to-speech voices are now available, allowing you to turn written Burmese text into audio or video files easily. You can now make content for audiences in Myanmar with Narakeet, or turn books and written materials into voice to read Burmese text out loud. Zeya and Sanda are the latest addition to our family of realistic text to speech voice generators. They can read Burmese Myanmar letters and also foreign words written in Latin letters. (read more)

Blocking VPN access

Temporarily blocking VPN access

– We are temporarily suspending access to Narakeet from VPN providers and application hosting data centers. This page provides more information about VPN access and what we’re doing about it. (read more)

Georgian voice generators

Georgian text to speech synthesis now available

– We are thrilled to announce the availability of high-quality Georgian text to speech voices in our voice library, providing an easy way for content creators and businesses to reach Georgian-speaking audiences. Our Georgian TTS technology uses advanced neural networks to produce natural-sounding speech. (read more)

change text to speech voice pitch

Create variety in narration by using voice pitch controls

– You can now modify the pitch of about 80% of our voices, to make them sound excited, younger, older or more serious. (read more)

Swahili text to speech synthesis now available

Introducing batch file text to audio creation

Important notice: We are re removing 8 lower quality indian voices

Create video poster images

Malayalam AI voices now available

Make audio books from PDF and EPUB content

Maltese voices now available

26 New Latin American Voices

Huge European Languages text to speech update

Marathi Voice Maker

Important notice: We are re removing 4 lower quality voices

New Mongolian, Kazakh, Russian and Uzbek Text To Speech Voices

Narakeet grows to 500 realistic text to speech voices in 80 languages!

6 New Realistic Mandarin Text to Speech Voices

Armenian Text to Voice

Nepali Text to Voice

Important notice: We're removing 17 lower quality voices

Pashto Text to Voice

Northern Irish Accent Generator

Scottish accent text to speech voices now available

New Italian Text to Speech Voices

Afrikaans text to speech now available

Modify pronunciation using IPA and X-SAMPA alphabets (experimental)

Azerbaijani text to speech now available

Kannada text to speech now available

Welsh language and British child text to speech voices now available

Text to Speech Punjabi voice maker now available

Text to Speech for Gujarati now available

14 New German Text to Speech Voices

400 realistic text to speech voices in 70 languages now available!

Uzbek voice overs with text to speech

Bosnian voiceovers with text to speech

Arabic Voice Over: Three new text to speech options

You can now make Quad HD videos with Narakeet

Text to speech Javanese Indonesian Now Available from Narakeet

Narakeet can now animate images panning and zooming

Text to speech Tamil Now Available from Narakeet

Text to speech Thai Now Available from Narakeet

Make video slideshows easily with Narakeet

Text to speech Urdu Now Available from Narakeet

Simpler Text to Speech API for Narakeet voices

Bangla text to speech voices now available from Narakeet

Icelandic text to voice generators now available from Narakeet

Latvian text to voice generator now available from Narakeet

Catalan text-to-speech now available from Narakeet

Macedonian text-to-speech now available from Narakeet

Hebrew text-to-voice, natural and life-like, now available from Narakeet

Здраво! Serbian text-to-speech voices now available from Narakeet

Kazakh text-to-speech voices now available from Narakeet

Introducing Kaarel and Pille, our Estonian text-to-speech voices

New Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Vietnamese and Filipino text to speech voices now available

Introducing Reza and Shohreh, our Persian text-to-speech voices

Introducing Mojca and Janez, our Slovenian text-to-speech voices

Introducing Aoife and Eoin, our new Irish text to speech voices

Introducing Guillaume, Yvette and Serge, our new text to speech French voices

Russian Text-To-Speech: 3 new voices

Khmer Text-To-Speech voices: Sovath and Nisa

Narakeet expands to 250 text-to-speech voices, creating one of the largest neural AI voice collections online

Bulgarian Text-To-Speech voices

Text-to-speech German language voices now available

Croatian text-to-speech voices

Introducing Rose: New Zealand Accent Text-To-Speech

Preview text-to-speech easily

Style video subtitles and closed captions

Vietnamese voices for text-to-speech narration

Change language inside a sentence

Text to speech: huge update

Five New Korean Text to Speech voices

Create long videos without waiting

Five New Spanish Text to Speech voices

Improved API

22 New Transitions

Make videos in Filipino language

Better voices for Russian narration

Preview scripted voice over quickly

Create videos with voice over in Danish

Preview presentation voice over quickly

Paid plans now available

Spread a sentence across multiple slides

Video Puppet is now Narakeet

Voice over for videos, now also in Hindi and Indian English

Embedded captions, SRT and VTT subtitles for videos

Make longer videos

New child voice: Timmy

Spell out words and phrases easily

Create video with voice over in Greek

Turkish voice over videos

Make video starts or endings less abrupt

Create video with voice over in Hungarian

Text to speech Arabic now available

Add background music to PowerPoint slides

How to make video for LinkedIn

Manipulating video volume

How to make video for Pinterest

Ukrainian text to speech

Change to loop options

Create video with voice over, now also in Russian

Upload larger presentations and create longer videos

How to speed up or slow down voice over video

Spanish narrator voices

How to add animated GIF to video

Voice over for video, now also in Portuguese

How to create full HD videos directly from PowerPoint

Customise slide visuals

Create videos in Norwegian

Create better Dutch language videos

Better voice controls

Narakeet now speaks Chinese

Replace automatic narration in videos from slides

Narakeet now speaks Polish

Use Markdown to create scripts easily

Add subtitles to videos

Build videos directly from GitHub

Spanish language support

Welcome to Video Puppet