Narakeet Tools

Narakeet makes it easy to create videos and audio files from presentations and scripts online, using text-to-speech. Use these quick links to access our tools:

Text to Audio, online voice generator

Convert Word documents to audio (DOCX to MP3, WAV or M4A), create voice overs and audio books easily using our Text to Voice Over tool. Create audio dialog using 700 voices in 90 languages.

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Slides to Video, text to speech video maker

Convert Powerpoint to video with voice over online, turn PPTX to MP4, add voice to slides, convert Google Slides to Video, make a video presentation with pictures and music using our Powerpoint to Video tool. Easily add narration to PowerPoint slides, add background music to your video and turn slides into videos for YouTube and social networks.

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Markdown to Video

Make a video presentation with pictures and music, add narration to screencasts, convert animated gifs to videos with voiceover using our MarkDown to Video tool. Easily script videos, add your assets, and generate video with narration and closed captions/subtitles. Keep video sources in version control, and edit videos as easily as editing text.

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Developer APIs, Command line tools, Automate Audio/Video Production

Batch-produce videos in different language variants using our command-line tools, integrate video production into your tools using our API, automatically build documentation videos from screenshots when your application changes. Integrate video builds into your continuous delivery pipeline.