Control pronunciation for acronyms and scientific terms

This is a quick lesson on how to control spelling and pronunciation in narration using Narakeet.

The natural language speech system is great for reading regular text, but sometimes it’s important to spell out individual words or phrases instead of reading them

Watch the lesson

Spell out phrases or symbols

Just enclose a phrase between two back-ticks (`), and Narakeet will spell it out instead of reading it.

You can use this trick to read out an acronym or instruct students how to write a complex word, or even make Narakeet point out punctuation marks.

The word Sacrilegious is spelled `Sacrilegious`.

When writing a question, remember to end it with a `?`

A working example

Here is a full example in action. Download the slides, and inspect the speaker notes to see multiple voices in action. Change the narration and then upload the video again to experiment.

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