Add voice over to videos in presentations

In order to allow narration text to be different from the slide contents, Narakeet will read out the text from speaker notes in your presentation. (It will not read the text from the slides.)

To add voiceover to your videos, just type the text you want Narakeet to read into the notes. Here is how to do it in the most popular presentation tools.

  • With Microsoft PowerPoint, select View from the top menu, then Notes in the sub-menu. You will see a new panel below your slide.
  • In Google Slides, select View from the application menu, then Show speaker notes from the submenu. The notes panel will open below the slide.
  • In Apple Keynote, the option is in the View menu, called Show Presenter Notes. The panel opens similarly below the slides.
  • In Open Office and Libre Office, the option is in the View top menu, called just Notes. Notes show as a frame below the slide.

Type the narration text into the notes panel or frame. Then upload the presentation to Narakeet, and you will get a narrated video.