Animations and transitions

Use transitions to make static slides more engaging, or to ease the visual transformation from one slide to another.

Using Powerpoint transitions

Narakeet currently does not support PowerPoint animations and transitions. If your presentation uses animations or transitions, they will not show in the video; instead, you will most likely just see the final state for an animation.

We plan to add support for animations and transitions. If you are interested in this feature, get in touch by sending an email to, and we will let you know once this feature is available.

Using Narakeet transitions

Narakeet provides support for many visual transition types, that you can include as stage directions into your script. In the case of videos created from Powerpoint slides, you can add a stage direction to the presenter notes.

To set an incoming transition for your scene, just add the transition stage direction in a separate paragraph. For example, this stage direction sets the cross-fade transition for half a second.

(transition: crossfade 0.5)

For information on all available transitions, check out the reference documentation.