Creating callouts for images and videos

You can use Narakeet to highlight interesting areas of images and videos. For example, to point viewers to a specific area of a screen for a video tutorial.

An example of a callout

Quick tutorial on callouts

To see a quick demo of callouts in action, and instructions on how to use the callouts designer, check out the video below.

Creating callouts in markdown

To create a callout, include an image or a video resource in the script as usual, then add a callout stage direction. For a circle, specify the center coordinates, and optionally the radius.


  cx: 200
  cy: 250
  size: 150)

You can also add callouts to a video, or a video segment, as well as make rectangular callouts.

![0-0.5 match](

  type: rectangle
  left: 436
  top: 468
  right: 845
  bottom: 599

Using the callout designer

Figuring out the right coordinates for a callout can be tricky by hand, because they depend on the size of the video frame, the dimensions of the source image and the asset framing or resizing method you use. To help you create callouts quickly, you can use our visual callouts designer.

To access the callout designer, just start a new scripted video project, and upload the images or videos you want to mark up.

Once the upload completes, you’ll see a “Callouts” button next to images and videos in the file list.

Narakeet project file images and videos have a callouts button

Click the callouts button next to the image or video you want to mark up, and you’ll open it in the designer.

Narakeet callout designer

Use the drop-downs at the top to select the target video frame, image resizing and callout type, then move and resize the callout to highlight the important area.

Narakeet callout designer script

Executable example

Check out the callouts example project on GitHub to see the key features explained in this tutorial in action.

More information

For more information, check out the callout format documentation.