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Use our AI character voice generator to quickly and conveniently record voiceovers, create audio messages, demo and temp audio assets, or final versions for character dubbing.

Character Voice Generator

Create voiceovers using AI text to speech characters in seconds using our intuitive and convenient character AI voice generator. Play the video below (with sound) to see a quick demo, or try it now yourself using the form after the video.

AI Voice Generator Characters

Make your own AI text to speech characters quickly. Make a character say anything by typing the text into the script box below, and choose one of the voice options. Use our character voice generator free 20 times, without even registering.

Below is a selection of our robotic character AI voices and child AI voice characters, that are typically used to create cartoon voice AI or as text to speech video game characters. In addition to these voices, Narakeet has 700 different voice AI characters, including adult male and female options in 100 languages. To use other voices, or for advanced options including voice speed, volume and pitch control, see our full Text to Audio tool.

Free Cartoon Character Voice Generator

You can use our AI character voice generator free 20 times with the free plan.

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After that, you can switch to one of our paid plans to get more capacity, access to batch audio file functions and automation features, that allow you to save even more time when producing TTS character voiceovers.

Text to Speech Characters

AI text to speech characters can be used for a variety of purposes, from quickly generating demo materials during prototyping and storyboarding, to final broadcast recordings for radio and TV shows, cartoons or video games. When using character text to speech AI instead of recording the audio yourself or hiring voice actors, you can save time and money by getting faster feedback, recording the audio quicker, and being able to modify it later easily while keeping consistency.

Generate everything from short prompts and replies to hour-long audiobooks using our text to speech AI characters.

Cartoon Text to Speech

Using text-to-speech (TTS) technology for cartoon characters makes it possible to focus on creative storytelling. The immediate advantage of deploying cartoon characters text to speech is the capability to generate a myriad of character voices without relying on a diverse cast of voice actors. You can mix and match different cartoon voice AI options to create dialogues, or tweak voice parameters such as pitch, speed and volume to produce a range of TTS characters from a single base voice. This becomes especially valuable for productions on a tight budget, as it can be more cost-effective than hiring an array of actors.

Even if you want to use human voices for the final version, using text to speech cartoon character voices can be a very effective way to iterate on the content, play storyboards with sound and tighten up the story.

Character Text to Speech

AI voice generator characters are very easy to control and combine, as you can make a character say anything just by typing it, or copying and pasting text from your script. With 700 character AI voice options, you can create male and female character AI voices in 100 languages. Narakeet also has plenty of child voice options for younger TTS character voices, and synthetic/robotic voices that can be used to create voiceovers for everything from sci-fi characters to audible smart home equipment messages.

Cartoon Voice Generator

Cartoon creators are always on the lookout for ways to make their animated worlds more dynamic and relatable. Using voices for cartoons, especially with the help of modern tech, has been a game-changer for productivity and cost. It’s now possible to make cartoon characters say anything, from whimsical one-liners to deep philosophical musings, just by copying and pasting some text into our AI voice generators.

Now, here’s where it gets even more interesting. With cartoon voice text to speech technologies, creators aren’t restricted to pre-recorded lines or the availability of specific voice actors. They can just pop into a cartoon AI voice generator, type in the desired dialogues, and voila! Out comes a voice that perfectly fits the character’s persona. And for shows targeting younger audiences or featuring child characters, there are even child voice options in many languages. Need a cute Japanese girl voice for your anime? We have it. Need a Spanish child voice for a dual-language educational cartoon? It’s just a few clicks away. Leveraging these tools can make the production process smoother and more flexible, giving creators the freedom to let their imaginations run wild without voice-related constraints.

Video Game Character Voice Generator

In the constant crunch of video game production, TTS character voices can save a lot of time and money. One of the primary benefits of using a character AI voice is the ability to produce dynamic, responsive dialogue without needing vast databases of pre-recorded lines. This means that as a player makes unique choices or engages in interactions within a game, the AI voices characters can respond in a manner that is adaptive and feels tailored to the player’s specific journey. This adaptive dialogue can make open-world games or sandbox environments feel even more immersive, as the characters can respond in real-time to a player’s actions with relevant and coherent dialogue.

Employing text-to-speech characters AI makes it possible for game developers to create a wider range of characters without the logistical challenges of traditional voice acting. Casting, recording, and post-processing for numerous characters can be resource-intensive and time-consuming. By leveraging AI for character voices, developers can efficiently generate diverse and distinct voice outputs, making each character stand out, even in games with a vast ensemble of characters. This not only saves on production time and costs but also empowers developers to craft richer narrative experiences for players.

Fictional Character Voice Generator

Imagine diving into a fiction audiobook, and instead of just one narrator trying to do all the voices (and sometimes not nailing them), you’ve got character AI text to speech doing the heavy lifting. Each character, from the brave hero to the funny sidekick, can get their own unique voice, giving listeners an immersive experience. It’s like having a full cast without the hustle an actual recording studio, and doing everything on a much cheaper budget.

AI voice generator characters are faster, cheaper and more convenient than recording and editing human voices. For budding authors or those on a tight budget, this can be a game-changer. By tapping into AI character voices, creators can produce high-quality audiobooks without breaking the bank. Plus, with character voices text to speech technologies getting better by the day, we’re talking about some seriously impressive, distinct voices that can truly bring a story to life. It’s like having a magic wand for your audiobook sound design!

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