Using the Narakeet Command-line Tool

For users that want to build videos from their command line, or integrate Narakeet into custom build tools, we provide a convenient command-line utility that can upload your files to Narakeet and execute text-to-speech and video build workflows.


The command line tool requires Node.js version 12 or higher, and NPM version 6 or higher.

Installing the command line tool

To install the client using NPM, run the following command

npm i -g @narakeet/api-client

Upgrading from a previous version:

To upgrade from a previous version using NPM, run the following command

npm i -g @narakeet/api-client@latest

Getting your API Key

To use the command-line tool, you will need a Narakeet API key.

For information on how to get a key, check out our guide on Managing API Keys.

Provide this key to the command-line utility using the --api-key argument.

Selecting a project type (video/audio)

The Narakeet command-line tool can create video or audio files; video builds can be more complex and contain external resources. Audio builds are much faster (seconds instead of minutes), but they only support simple scripts and do not allow including external resources.

You can select the project type by providing --project-type argument:

  • Build videos (default, or use --project-type video)
  • Build audio files (use --project-type audio)

Use the audio project type for text-to-speech conversion. Use the video project type for everything else.

For examples, configuration options and documentation about individual project types, check out the following two pages:


In case of problems, run the command with --verbose and it will print out a lot more information about the work.

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