Building videos using the REST API

Narakeet has a REST API that enables you to integrate video builds into your own software, or programmable flows.

API Endpoint

The public REST API endpoint is


To use the API, you will need a Narakeet API key. For information on how to get a key, check out our guide on Managing API Keys.

Authenticating requests

You should provide the API key as a header to all requests to the public REST endpoint. Use the x-api-key header for that.

Requests to storage endpoints (for file uploads and downloads and result polling) do not require this header. The storage URLs provided to you by the REST API will already be pre-signed with authentication tokens. Do not include your API key as a separate header when performing those requests.

Running audio projects

Audio projects are significantly faster and simpler than video builds, but they are more limited (a script can be up to 100 KB size, and you cannot include external files). With the audio project type, you do not have to separately upload the script or create project archives.

See the Text to Speech API page for more information.

Running video projects

Video projects API allows you to build videos from a markdown script and a set of visual and audio assets.

See the Markdown to Video API page for more information.

More information

For general API limitations and pricing, see Automating audio/video production.