Improve video visuals

Narakeet lets you create video from images, slides and clips easily. Here are a few common tricks for improving the visual aspects of your video:

Fix blurry images

The main cause for blurry images are low resolution slides or pictures added to the video. If you are creating a video from a presentation (such as Powerpoint or Google Slides), make sure that your presentation slide format is at least as big as the video you are trying to create.

As a quick reference, to create a standard YouTube 720p video, your slides should be at least 45.15cm (17.8”) wide and 25.4cm (10”) tall. For information on how to set the slide size in popular presentation tools, and to download templates for various standard video sizes, check out the best size for video guide.

Fix cropped content, remove padding bars

When creating a video from materials in a different aspect ratio (proportions of dimensions), you can sometimes get black padding bars around the content to fill the required frame. You can remove them by choosing to cover the frame with the content. Check out the guide on Automatically resizing slides to fit video.

Fix video size

The standard presets in PowerPoint are optimised for screen display, not for videos, so the standard Widescreen option is actually in quite small when it comes to videos. To create a larger video, start from a large-format presentation. Check out the best size for video guide for more information on that.

Setting the video size from a script

If you are creating videos using a script, not from a presentation, then use the size header to set the video size.

Fix incorrectly shown letters/bullets

The main cause for incorrectly shown letters or bullets are missing fonts. Try embedding fonts into your presentation. If that still does not help, please send us an e-mail to, so we can investigate.

Fix text alignment

The main cause for incorrect alignment are missing fonts. Try embedding fonts into your presentation. If that still does not help, please send us an e-mail to, so we can investigate.

Slow down or speed up slide transitions

If a slide has no narration or audio, Narakeet will show it for five seconds and then move on to the next slide. To change this, just add some narration to the slide (see the guide on How to add voice to video).

You can change the time a slide without narration is shown by adding a pause to the speaker notes. For example, adding the following line to the speaker notes will show the slide for 10 seconds:

(pause: 10)

Make endings less abrupt

Narakeet normally stops the video when the narration for the last slide ends. Sometimes this ending may be too abrupt. To leave the video and the background music running for a few seconds after the narration ends, just add a pause after the narration in the last slide. Remember to leave a blank line between the narration text and the pause stage direction.

This is the text of the last slide, and the music
will play for three more seconds after I stop

(pause: 3)

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