Narration styles

Narration styles modify how a voice pronounces text. For example, you can use the IPA narration style to read out text written with the IPA phonetic alphabet instead of regular pronunciation. This can be useful to fix incorrectly pronounced words, especially place names, jargon and invented names.

Individual voices support different narration styles, and this page lists supported styles for each voice.

Setting the narration style

To set the narration style, use a narration span and list the style name in the curly braces.

For example, the following snippet changes the pronunciation for a British UK voice (Victoria) to an American way of saying the word “tomato”

(voice: victoria)

Americans say [təˈmeɪ.toʊ]{ipa}

Available narration styles

For a full list of supported narration styles, check the Narration Style section in the format reference.

IPA and X-SAMPA support is very experimental at this phase and individual voices support only certain phonemes. Make sure to test with your chosen voice if it can pronounce the IPA or X-SAMPA phonemes correctly.

Supported styles by voice

The table below shows supported narration styles for individual voices:

VoiceLanguage – AccentStyles
Abbie English – Australianliteral
Abyasa Indonesianliteral
Adipati Malaysianliteral
Aditi Hindiliteral, ipa, x-sampa
Adriana Portuguese – Brazilianliteral
Afroditi Greekliteral, ipa
Agueda Portuguese – Brazilianliteral, ipa
Agung Indonesianliteral, ipa
Aicelle Filipinoliteral
Aileen English – Scottish Accentliteral, ipa
Aisha Arabicliteral
Ajith Tamilliteral
Akira Japaneseliteral
Aksel Norwegianliteral, ipa
Alain French – Metropolitanliteral
Alessandra Italianliteral, ipa, x-sampa
Aletta English – South African accentliteral, ipa
Alexandru Romanianliteral, ipa
Alfonso Spanish – Americanliteral, ipa, x-sampa
Ali Arabicliteral
Alina Romanianliteral, ipa
Amber English – Americanliteral, ipa
Amir Arabicliteral
Amitabh Hindiliteral, ipa
Amy English – Britishliteral, ipa, x-sampa
Anders Danishliteral
Andreas German – Standardliteral, ipa
Andrey Russian – stress with ^ no syles supported
Andrzej Polishliteral
Anil Kannadaliteral, ipa
Anong Thailiteral, ipa
Antonella Italianliteral, ipa
Aoife Irishliteral, ipa
Aparna Tamilliteral, ipa
Ariane French – Swissliteral, ipa
Armando Spanish – Americanliteral
Armin German – Standardliteral, ipa
Arnaldo Portuguese – Europeanliteral, ipa
Asha Gujaratiliteral
Ashley English – Americanliteral, ipa
Aslak Norwegianliteral
Astrid Norwegianliteral, ipa
Audrey French – Canadianliteral, ipa
Ayelet Hebrewliteral, ipa
Badrai Pashtoliteral, ipa
Banyu Indonesianliteral
Baoguo Chinese – Taiwanese Mandarinliteral, ipa
Barbora Czechliteral, ipa
Bas Dutchliteral, ipa
Beatrice English – Britishliteral, ipa
Beatriz Spanish – Castilianliteral
Benedita Portuguese – Europeanliteral, ipa, x-sampa
Berik Kazakh – Cyrillicliteral, ipa
Bethari Indonesianliteral, ipa
Beverly English – Americanliteral, ipa
Bhavana Kannadaliteral, ipa
Bianca Filipinoliteral, ipa
Bill English – Americanliteral
Bingbing Chinese – Mandarinliteral
Birgit German – Standardliteral
Biswajit Bangla – West Bengal Indian accentliteral
Bo Chinese – Mandarinliteral, ipa
Bonnie English – American – Childliteral, ipa
Brian English – Britishliteral, ipa, x-sampa
Brigitte French – Metropolitanliteral, ipa
Britney English – Americanliteral
Britta German – Standardliteral, ipa
Bronagh English – Irish accentliteral, ipa
Brooke English – New Zealand accentliteral, ipa
Bruce English – Australianliteral
Bruno German – Standardliteral, ipa
Budiwati Indonesianliteral
Carmen Spanish – Americanliteral, ipa, x-sampa
Carol English – Britishliteral
Celine French – Canadianliteral
Chae-won Koreanliteral
Charles English – Britishliteral
Charlize English – South African accentliteral, ipa, x-sampa
Chen Chinese – Taiwanese Mandarinliteral
Cheng Chinese – Mandarinliteral, ipa
Chloe French – Canadianliteral, ipa, x-sampa
Cillian English – Irish accentliteral, ipa
Claudine French – Metropolitanliteral
Connor English – Scottish Accent – Childliteral, ipa
Conrad English – Britishliteral, ipa
Cordelia English – Britishliteral, ipa
Cyrille French – Metropolitanliteral
Dagmara Polishliteral, ipa
Danuta Polishliteral, ipa
Daoming Chinese – Mandarinliteral, ipa
Daphne English – British – Childliteral, ipa
Daud Arabicliteral, ipa
Dave English – Australianliteral
Dearbhla Irishliteral, ipa
Debbie English – Americanliteral, ipa
Deepika English – Indian accentliteral
Desislava Bulgarianliteral, ipa
Diego Spanish – Americanliteral
Dieter German – Standardliteral
Dilawar Pashtoliteral, ipa
Dilip English – Indian accentliteral
Diljit Punjabi – Gurmukhiliteral
Dimitris Greekliteral, ipa
Dolores Spanish – Castilianliteral, ipa
Doutzen Dutchliteral
Dustin English – Americanliteral, ipa, x-sampa
Eamon Irishliteral, ipa
Eddie English – Americanliteral, ipa
Edward English – Britishliteral, ipa
Eevi Finnishliteral, ipa
Ekaterina Russianliteral
Eleni Greekliteral
Elisabeth English – Britishliteral
Ellie English – Britishliteral
Elma English – Filipino accentliteral, ipa
Elsa Swedishliteral, ipa
Emilia English – Britishliteral, ipa
Emma English – Britishliteral
Enrique Spanish – Castilianliteral
Erik Swedishliteral, ipa
Erika German – Standardliteral
Esmeralda Spanish – Castilianliteral
Estelle French – Metropolitanliteral
Eszter Hungarianliteral, ipa
Fabrice French – Belgianliteral, ipa
Famke Dutchliteral, ipa
Farah Arabicliteral, ipa
Fatma Turkishliteral
Federica Italianliteral
Feng Chinese – Taiwanese Mandarinliteral
Fernanda Portuguese – Brazilianliteral, ipa, x-sampa
Fiona English – Scottish Accent – Childliteral, ipa
Flora Spanish – Castilianliteral, ipa, x-sampa
Florian German – Standardliteral
Franka German – Standardliteral
Franz German – Austrianliteral, ipa
Fritzi German – Austrianliteral, ipa, x-sampa
Gabrielle English – Britishliteral, ipa
Geert Dutch – Flemishliteral
George English – Britishliteral
Gijsbert Dutchliteral
Gina Italianliteral, ipa
Graham English – Australianliteral, ipa
Greta Swedishliteral, ipa
Gretel German – Standardliteral, ipa
Guillaume French – Metropolitanliteral, ipa
Gulshat Kazakh – Cyrillicliteral, ipa
Gulzar Punjabi – Gurmukhiliteral
Gustaf Swedishliteral
Gwen Welshliteral, ipa
Hai Chinese – Mandarinliteral
Haifa Arabicliteral, ipa
Hans German – Standardliteral
Hector Spanish – Americanliteral, ipa
Heidi German – Swissliteral, ipa
Heinz German – Standardliteral, ipa
Helen English – Britishliteral
Helmut German – Standardliteral
Hendrika Dutchliteral
Hilde German – Standardliteral, ipa
Hoa Vietnameseliteral
Hugh English – Australianliteral
Hye-kyo Koreanliteral
Hye-rim Koreanliteral, ipa
Ian English – Britishliteral, ipa
Iben Danishliteral, ipa
Igor Russianliteral
Ilse German – Standardliteral, ipa, x-sampa
Imran Urduliteral, ipa
In-guk Koreanliteral, ipa
Indah Malaysianliteral
Ines Portuguese – Europeanliteral, ipa
Inger Danishliteral
Ingrid Swedishliteral
Ingvar Icelandicliteral, ipa
Intan Malaysianliteral
Ioana Romanianliteral
Irina Russianliteral, ipa
Isabeli Portuguese – Brazilianliteral
Isabella Italianliteral, ipa
Isyana Javaneseliteral, ipa
Ivan Russianliteral
Ivana Slovakliteral
Iwona Polishliteral, ipa
Jack English – Americanliteral
Jairus Filipinoliteral
Janez Sloveneliteral, ipa
Jasna Croatianliteral, ipa
Javier Spanish – Mexicanliteral, ipa
Jean French – Metropolitanliteral
Jeff English – Americanliteral
Jennifer English – Americanliteral
Jeroen Dutchliteral
Joanna English – Americanliteral, ipa, x-sampa
Joaquim Portuguese – Europeanliteral
Jochem Afrikaansliteral, ipa
Jodie English – Americanliteral, ipa
John English – Americanliteral, ipa
Jomari Filipinoliteral
Jong-suk Koreanliteral
Joon-gi Koreanliteral
Jordi Catalanliteral, ipa
Jorge Spanish – Castilianliteral, ipa
Josephine French – Metropolitanliteral, ipa
Juana Spanish – Americanliteral
Judy English – Australianliteral, ipa
Juha Finnishliteral, ipa
Julia English – Americanliteral
Juliette French – Canadianliteral
Julio Spanish – Castilianliteral
Juraj Slovakliteral, ipa
Jurga Lithuanianliteral, ipa
Justyna Polishliteral
Jutta German – Standardliteral, ipa
Kaarel Estonianliteral, ipa
Kaige Chinese – Mandarinliteral
Kareena Hindiliteral, ipa
Karen English – Americanliteral
Karim Arabicliteral
Karolina Czechliteral
Kasumi Japaneseliteral
Katarzyna Polishliteral
Kate English – Australianliteral
Katrijn Dutch – Flemishliteral
Keira English – Britishliteral, ipa, x-sampa
Keith English – New Zealand accentliteral, ipa
Kelly English – Americanliteral, ipa, x-sampa
Kemal Turkishliteral
Kenichi Japaneseliteral
Kerstin German – Standard – Childliteral, ipa
Khaled Arabicliteral, ipa
Kim English – Americanliteral, ipa
Kiril Bulgarianliteral, ipa
Kjersti Norwegianliteral
Klara German – Standardliteral, ipa
Klaus German – Standardliteral, ipa, x-sampa
Koen Dutch – Flemishliteral, ipa
Kong-sang Chinese – Cantoneseliteral, ipa
Kristaps Latvianliteral, ipa
Krisztina Hungarianliteral
Kylie English – Australianliteral
Kyoko Japaneseliteral
Lada Russian – stress with ^ no syles supported
Ladislav Czechliteral, ipa
Laetitia French – Belgianliteral, ipa
Laia Catalanliteral, ipa
Lakshmi English – Indian accentliteral
Lars Danishliteral, ipa
Laura Italianliteral
Lazar Serbian – Cyrillicliteral, ipa
Leonardo Italianliteral, ipa
Leonor Portuguese – Europeanliteral
Liam English – Australianliteral
Linda English – Americanliteral, ipa
Lior Hebrewliteral, ipa
Lisa English – Americanliteral
Liselotte German – Standardliteral, ipa
Liv Norwegianliteral
Livia Italian – Girlliteral, ipa
Liying Chinese – Mandarinliteral, ipa
Lola Spanish – Americanliteral, ipa
Lothar German – Standardliteral, ipa
Lotte Dutchliteral, ipa
Louise French – Metropolitanliteral, ipa
Luc French – Canadianliteral, ipa
Lucia Spanish – Castilianliteral
Lucy English – Americanliteral, ipa
Lurdes Portuguese – Europeanliteral, ipa
Luz Portuguese – Brazilianliteral
Maaike Dutch – Flemishliteral
Maartje Dutchliteral
Madalena Portuguese – Brazilianliteral, ipa, x-sampa
Maggie English – Americanliteral
Mahir Turkishliteral
Mahiya Bangla – Bangladesh accentliteral, ipa
Majida Arabicliteral, ipa
Malcolm English – Scottish Accentliteral, ipa
Malee Thailiteral, ipa
Malin Swedishliteral
Man-chi Chinese – Cantoneseliteral, ipa
Manasi Gujaratiliteral, ipa
Manny English – Filipino accentliteral, ipa
Marcelle French – Metropolitanliteral, ipa
Margarida Portuguese – Europeanliteral
Margarita Spanish – Puerto Rican accentliteral, ipa
Margot French – Metropolitanliteral
Maricel Filipinoliteral
Mario Italianliteral
Marion French – Metropolitanliteral, ipa
Marlene German – Standardliteral
Martin English – Americanliteral
Martina German – Standardliteral, ipa
Mary English – Americanliteral
Marzena Polishliteral
Matt English – Americanliteral, ipa
Matteo Italian – Boyliteral, ipa
Matthias German – Standardliteral, ipa
Matthieu French – Swissliteral, ipa
Maurice French – Metropolitanliteral, ipa
Mawar Indonesianliteral
Mawra Urduliteral, ipa
Mayang Malaysianliteral, ipa
Mehar Hindiliteral
Meilan Chinese – Mandarinliteral
Meiling Chinese – Taiwanese Mandarinliteral, ipa
Melanie French – Canadianliteral
Mickey English – American – Childliteral, ipa, x-sampa
Mike English – Americanliteral
Milica Serbian – Cyrillicliteral, ipa
Min-ho Koreanliteral
Minh Vietnameseliteral, ipa
Mireia Catalanliteral, ipa, x-sampa
Missy English – American – Childliteral, ipa, x-sampa
Mojca Sloveneliteral, ipa
Monika German – Standardliteral
Morgan English – Americanliteral, ipa
Moritz German – Standardliteral, ipa
Mujo Bosnianliteral, ipa
Murat Turkishliteral, ipa
Nabha Kannadaliteral
Nam Vietnameseliteral
Nancy English – Americanliteral, ipa
Natalia Russian – stress with ^ no syles supported
Navneet Punjabi – Gurmukhiliteral
Nazan Turkishliteral
Neerja English – Indian accentliteral, ipa
Nelson English – Britishliteral, ipa
Nga Vietnameseliteral, ipa
Nicole French – Metropolitan – Childliteral, ipa
Nina Macedonianliteral, ipa
Nisa Khmerliteral, ipa
Nitesh Hindiliteral
Obinna English – Nigerian accentliteral, ipa
Odette French – Metropolitanliteral, ipa
Oksana Russianliteral
Ole Norwegianliteral
Oleksandr Ukrainianliteral, ipa
Olena Ukrainianliteral
Olga Russianliteral
Olivia English – Australianliteral, ipa, x-sampa
Olivier French – Canadianliteral, ipa, x-sampa
Ornella Italianliteral
Oylum Turkishliteral
Pak-chi Chinese – Cantoneseliteral, ipa, x-sampa
Pamela English – Canadianliteral, ipa
Paola Spanish – Mexicanliteral, ipa, x-sampa
Pascal French – Canadianliteral
Pedro Portuguese – Brazilianliteral
Petra Czechliteral
Pierre French – Metropolitanliteral, ipa
Piet English – South African accentliteral, ipa
Pille Estonianliteral, ipa
Piolo Filipinoliteral, ipa
Pooja English – Indian accentliteral, ipa, x-sampa
Prabhat English – Indian accentliteral, ipa
Pratik Gujaratiliteral, ipa
Preeti Hindiliteral
Quang Vietnameseliteral
Rahul Kannadaliteral
Rajesh English – Indian accentliteral
Ramesh Gujaratiliteral
Ramona Spanish – Mexicanliteral, ipa
Rana Arabicliteral
Reza Persianliteral, ipa
Rhonda English – Americanliteral
Rhys Welshliteral, ipa
Riyanto Javaneseliteral, ipa
Roberto Italianliteral
Rodney English – Americanliteral
Rodrigo Spanish – Puerto Rican accentliteral, ipa
Rogerio Portuguese – Europeanliteral
Rolanda Afrikaansliteral, ipa
Romain French – Metropolitanliteral, ipa
Rory English – Britishliteral, ipa
Rosalind English – Britishliteral, ipa
Rose English – New Zealand accentliteral, ipa, x-sampa
Ryan English – Canadianliteral, ipa
Saara Finnishliteral, ipa
Salman Bangla – Bangladesh accentliteral, ipa
Samira Arabicliteral, ipa
Saoirse English – Irish accentliteral, ipa
Sarah English – Americanliteral
Saskia German – Standardliteral, ipa
Seo-yeon Koreanliteral, ipa, x-sampa
Serge French – Canadianliteral, ipa
Sergey Russian – stress with ^ no syles supported
Shavkat Uzbek – Latinliteral, ipa
Shin-hye Koreanliteral
Shirley English – Scottish Accentliteral, ipa
Shohreh Persianliteral, ipa
Shruti Tamilliteral
Shuang Chinese – Mandarin – Childliteral, ipa
Sibel Turkishliteral, ipa
Sidse Danishliteral
Sigrid Norwegianliteral
Silvia Catalanliteral, ipa
Sireya Tamilliteral
Somsak Thailiteral, ipa
Sonja Norwegianliteral, ipa
Sophie French – Metropolitanliteral
Sovath Khmerliteral, ipa
Spencer English – Britishliteral, ipa
Steinunn Icelandicliteral, ipa
Stellan Swedishliteral
Steve English – Americanliteral
Suada Bosnianliteral, ipa
Sunerah Bangla – West Bengal Indian accentliteral
Sushma Hindiliteral
Svitlana Ukrainianliteral, ipa
Tadeusz Polishliteral, ipa
Tae-hee Koreanliteral
Takeshi Japaneseliteral, ipa, x-sampa
Takuya Japaneseliteral, ipa
Tatiana Russian – stress with ^ no syles supported
Taufan Malaysianliteral, ipa
Thandiwe English – Nigerian accentliteral, ipa
Theodore English – Britishliteral, ipa
Tiina Finnishliteral
Timmy English – American – Childliteral, ipa, x-sampa
Tofiq Azerbaijaniliteral, ipa
Tom English – Americanliteral
Tomasz Polishliteral
Tomoka Japaneseliteral, ipa
Tony English – Americanliteral, ipa, x-sampa
Trine Danishliteral
Trinh Vietnameseliteral
Tuah Malaysianliteral
Ulrich German – Standardliteral, ipa
Ulrika Swedishliteral
Vasco Portuguese – Brazilianliteral, ipa
Veerle Dutch – Flemishliteral, ipa
Vendela Swedishliteral
Vera Russianliteral, ipa
Victoria English – Britishliteral, ipa
Vijay Tamilliteral, ipa
Vikram Tamilliteral
Vilmos Hungarianliteral, ipa
Vincent French – Metropolitanliteral, ipa
Vittorio Italianliteral, ipa
Vivienne French – Metropolitanliteral, ipa
Vladimir Russianliteral, ipa
Vlatko Macedonianliteral, ipa
Wanda English – Americanliteral, ipa, x-sampa
Wei Chinese – Mandarinliteral, ipa
Will English – Americanliteral, ipa
Willeke Dutchliteral
Willem Dutchliteral
William English – Britishliteral
Wim Dutch – Flemishliteral
Wing-yi Chinese – Cantoneseliteral, ipa
Woo-bin Koreanliteral
Xavier French – Canadianliteral
Xiaotong Chinese – Mandarinliteral, ipa
Ximena Spanish – Americanliteral
Xinyi Chinese – Mandarinliteral, ipa
Xiulan Chinese – Mandarinliteral
Yifeng Chinese – Mandarinliteral
Yihan Chinese – Mandarinliteral
Yili Chinese – Taiwanese Mandarinliteral, ipa
Yumei Chinese – Taiwanese Mandarinliteral
Yuri Russian – stress with ^ no syles supported
Yuriko Japaneseliteral
Yves French – Metropolitanliteral, ipa
Yvette French – Metropolitanliteral, ipa, x-sampa
Zareen Punjabi – Gurmukhiliteral
Zemfira Azerbaijaniliteral, ipa
Ziad Arabicliteral, ipa
Zihan Chinese – Mandarinliteral, ipa
Zoran Croatianliteral, ipa
Zoya Russian – stress with ^ no syles supported
Zulfiya Uzbek – Latinliteral, ipa
Zuzana Slovakliteral, ipa