Add subtitles to videos

You can now automatically add subtitles to videos, and make it easier for your users to follow videos on platforms that automatically mute audio, such as LinkedIn. If you are using automatically generated narration, just add subtitles: auto to the header of your video file, and Narakeet will automatically convert narration into titles:

size: 720p
subtitles: auto
  - video: stopwatch.mp4
  - narration: this is both the narration and a subtitle for the video

For scenes with your own audio, or if you do not want to use automatically generated subtitles, you can set subtitles with the subtitle property:

  - image: london.jpg
    duration: 3
    subtitles: You can manually subtitle an image or a video

To show subtitles gradually, just set the subtitle or narration property as a list:

  - image: london.jpg
      - to show subtitles gradually
      - split narration into a list

For a full example and a video with subtitles, check out the subtitles example project.

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