Use Markdown to create scripts easily

Narakeet now supports Markdown script files. Instead of using JSON or YAML that are machine-friendly, you can now use human-friendly markdown to describe your videos.

  • Add images or videos added using the typical Markdown syntax (![]())
  • Add subtitles using Markdown blockquotes (>)
  • Add narration just by writing text
  • Add slides by using fenced code blocks (three tildas or backticks).

In addition to the standard markdown syntax, you can customise scenes by adding stage directions, with paragraphs enclosed in brackets. For example, use a custom audio file instead of the automatically generated narration by including a paragraph (audio: file.waw) in the scene. You can control all aspects of a scene using stage directions, including adding transitions, slide themes and so on.

Here is a simple example with two scenes and a script header.

size: 720p
subtitles: auto

Set subtitles to 'auto' in script properties 
for automatic subtitles from narration 



This is the first sentence, and we'll pause for a bit after it.

(pause: 2)

This is the second sentence.

For more information on how to write Narakeet scripts using markdown, check out the example video scripts (all the examples are now updated to show Markdown files).

Narakeet helps you create text to speech voiceovers, turn Powerpoint presentations and Markdown scripts into engaging videos. It is under active development, so things change frequently. Keep up to date: RSS, Slack, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok