Better voice controls

You can now use stage directions and standard markdown emphasis to control the narration in Narakeet videos.

Play the video below to hear the new commands in action:

Add emphasis

You can now use the standard markdown emphasis and strikeouts to provide hints for the narration voices. Enclosing a bit of text with single underscore (_) or asterisk (*) adds a moderate emphasis, enclosing with two underscores (__) or two asterisks (**) creates a strong emphasis, and enclosing into two tildas (~~) creates a reduced voice.

Make sure to enclose entire sentences into emphasis blocks. Using emphasis on parts of sentences might create weird pauses in the narration.

This is my usual voice.
_This is more important._
**This is really important.**
~~This is not so much.~~

You can also use the voice-emphasis stage direction to achieve the same effect. You need to use this stage direction before the corresponding narration blocks. You can use it several times in the same scene, and it will apply to the narration blocks which follow in the same scene. Check out the voice-emphasis format reference

This is my normal voice.

(voice-emphasis: moderate)

This is important.

Note that different voices support different emphasis styles, so experiment for best results.

Control voice volume

You can also use the voice-volume header and stage direction to set the narration volume for the whole video, or a particular same scene. For available options, check out the voice-volume header format reference.

(voice-volume: loud)

I sometimes get angry!

(voice-volume: normal)

Then I calm down.

For more information on how to control pronunciation, check out the narration format reference and the pronunciation example on GitHub.

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