Create video with voice over, now also in Russian

Видео кукла говорит по Русски!

Narakeet is an automatic video maker, allowing you to easily make a video with pictures and voice over, and add voice over videos as easily as editing text. You can now create video narration in Russian language, using four new voices: Igor, Ivan, Oksana and Olga.

Here is an example how you can use them:

(voice: Olga)

В 1712 году столица России была переведена в Санкт-Петербург.
В 1728 при Петре II в Москву был перенесён императорский двор, 
который находился здесь до 1732 года.

Play the video below to hear the voices:

We’d like to thank Аствацатуров Георгий Осипович for writing a very nice post about this in Russian (Как превратить ваши презентации в комментируемое видео?) and recording a wonderful introduction video about it as well:

For more information on how to control narration and voices with Narakeet, check out the narration reference guide. Also, test the other available voices.

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