Manipulating video volume

Narakeet allows you to quickly compose videos from clips and images, and add voice over narration. If an included video has an audio track, it will play at the same time as the narration (and optionally the background music). This can make the narration sound difficult to hear, or introduce too much noise into the scene.

To make it easy to compose scenes, Narakeet now allows you to easily adjust the volume of embedded video clips. Just add a volume property to the video stage direction:

  file: stopwatch.mp4
  volume: 0.5)

The volume should be a numerical value, specifying a multiplier to apply to the original audio volume (so 0.5 is half the original volume, and 3 would be three times louder than the original).

To completely turn off the audio track from an embedded video, use the value 0. You can also use a special value mute instead of 0. This is particularly useful as you can use it in the markdown link syntax as a shorthand property:


Play the video below to see some examples:

(the video includes assets released under creative commons - check out the credits for more information.)

To see the source code for this video, check out the Video Volume example example on GitHub. For more information on these and other video options, check out the Videos format reference.

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