Embedded captions, SRT and VTT subtitles for videos

Narakeet now lets you create videos with embedded subtitle tracks, and download Subrip (.SRT) and WebVTT (.VTT) subtitle files, ready for upload to YouTube and social network sites.

adding captions to video.

An embedded subtitle track allows users to turn captions on or off, and video players usually automatically style them to create a good contrast between the text and the background image.

This function is an addition to the previous overlay subtitles, which will be always shown during a video.

Automatically adding subtitles to Powerpoint presentations

After uploading your presentation, select the “Edit settings” option.

In the “Edit settings” dialog, click the “Subtitles” dropdown. Choose embedded or overlay subtitles.

add subtitles to video settings

Turning on subtitles for scripts

To automatically add subtitles from narration to a video made from a script, use the subtitles header.

subtitles: embed

Narakeet will read and show this.

Using narration as subtitles

Narakeet will automatically show the text of your narration as subtitles on a video. To avoid the video screen being too busy, split the narration in speaker notes into smaller paragraphs (leave a blank line between paragraphs).

When using automatic subtitles, it's best to split text into smaller paragraphs

just leave a blank line between them

and Narakeet will show them as individual subtitles in the video.

Setting custom subtitles

In some cases, it might be better to not show the entire narration text, but to manually define subtitles for a specific slide. You can tell Narakeet to show custom subtitle text instead of the narration by adding paragraphs that start with >. For example:

Narakeet will read this sentence.

> But it will show this subtitle

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