Huge update to Asian Pacific language support: 26 new voices

New Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, Korean, Malay and Filipino text to speech voices are now available in Narakeet, making it easier to create videos and audio materials with a lot more variety than before. During the last two weeks, we gradually rolled out additional voices, and from today they are generally available to everyone.

Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Vietnamese and Filipino text to speech

8 New Adult Chinese Mandarin Text to Speech Voices

Narakeet now provides 8 more adult Chinese Mandarin accent text to voice generators, in addition to the previous 7 adult voices. The new voices come with a nice variety of age and gender, so you can use them to make more complex dialogues and make more interesting voiceovers.

The new voices are Xinyi, Wei, Liying, Zihan, Xiaotong, Daoming, Bo and Cheng. For a quick demo of the new voices, see our Chinese Mandarin Voice Demo page.

Chinese Mandarin Child Text to Voice

In addition to English child voices, Narakeet now also has a Chinese Mandarin child voice text to speech generator: Shuang. Use it to create content aimed at younger audiences, for example language lessons for children. Listen to a quick demo of Shuang’s voice on our Chinese Mandarin Voice Demo page.

3 New Taiwanese Mandarin Text to Speech Voices

Expanding support for Mandarin in traditional Chinese script (used in Taiwan), we added three new voices: Yili, Meiling and Baoguo. Yili is a younger adult text to speech Mandarin female voice, Meiling is an middle-age female voice, and Baoguo is an adult text to speech Mandarin male voice. This doubles number of the Taiwanese Mandarin accent text-to-speech generators available in Narakeet.

Adding support for Cantonese Chinese

You can now make videos, language lessons and voice overs in Cantonese dialect (spoken in Hong Kong, using traditional Chinese script). We added three voices. Wing-yi is a younger text-to-speech Cantonese female voice (can also work as a child voice), Man-chi is an older female voice, and Kong-sang is a male Cantonese text to speech voice. For more information, check out the Cantonese Chinese Text to Speech Voice list.

One more Japanese text to voice generator

Check out Takeshi, our latest Japanese text to speech voice. Takeshi speaks like a younger adult male, nicely adding variety to the 7 previously supported Japanese voices. Listen to a quick demo of Takeshi’s voice on our Japanese Voice Demo page.

Two new Korean text to speech voices

In-Guk and Hye-Rim are the latest additions to our Korean language support. In-Guk is a young adult text to speech Korean male voice, and Hye-Rim is a middle-age Korean text to speech female voice. Including those two, Narakeet now has 11 Korean text to voice generators. Check out our Korean Voice Demo page for a quick demo of all the voices.

Four new Malay text to speech voices

We added two new voices to each of the Indonesian and Malaysian variants of Malay. Taufan and Mayang speak with an Malaysian accent, Agung and Bethari speak Indonesian. Agung and Taufan are male text to speech Malay voices, sounding middle-aged. Bethari and Mayang are Malay text to speech female voices, also middle-aged. To hear them in action, check out our Indonesian Voice Demo and Malaysian Voice Demo pages.

Two new Filipino/Tagalog voices

Piolo and Bianca speak Tagalog. Piolo is a younger Filipino text to speech male voice, and Bianca is a younger female Tagalog text to speech voice. They are a nice addition to the previous four Tagalog voices, which sound middle-aged, allowing you to create more variety and better scenes in Filipino. For a quick demo, check out our Filipino Voice Demo page.

Two new Vietnamese voices

Nga and Minh are a nice addition to our Vietnamese language support. Nga is a younger text to speech Vietnamese female voice, and Minh is a young adult Vietnamese text to speech male voice. See our Vietnamese Voice Demo page to hear them in action.

Try out the new voices

With this batch of updates, Narakeet now has 323 realistic text to speech voices in 100 languages and dialects. All the voices mentioned in this article are immediately available to all our users, at no additional cost. Try them out now using our Text to Audio tool.

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