Text to Speech Tamil Voices Online

Narakeet now makes it easy to create voiceovers and text to speech content in Tamil, a language with 80 million native speakers, and one of the official languages in India, Sri Lanka and Singapore. Make Tamil content easily with our new text to voice generators.

Text to speech Tamil

To try out the new voices in action, check out our Tamil text to speech page.

Aparna and Vijay are immediately available to all our users, at no extra cost.

Narakeet helps you create text to speech voiceovers, turn Powerpoint presentations and Markdown scripts into engaging videos. It is under active development, so things change frequently. Keep up to date: RSS, Slack, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok

The media on this page includes images and videos by SYED ARIFF, Vinatha Sreeramkumar, Spartan Xozz on Unsplash