Bosnian voiceovers with text to speech

You can now use Bosnian voice synthesizers for text to speech voiceovers, to make audio content and videos for Bosnia and Herzegovina, and neighbouring countries. Mujo and Suada read Latin script and speak with a Bosnian accent.

Bosnian voiceovers with text to speech

To try out the new voices in action, check out our Bosnian text to speech page.

You can use these voices on their own, or mix with our Croatian text to speech voices and Serbian text to voice generators to create interesting dialogue. The various south-Slavic dialects differ in accent and pronunciation of some words, but they are mutually intelligible, so mixing them in the same scene can create useful variations in audio, and make your material more interesting for the audience.

Mujo and Suada are immediately available to all our users, at no extra cost.

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The media on this page includes images and videos by Lothar Boris Piltz, Bakir Custovic on Unsplash