Northern Irish Accent Generator

Use two new Irish text to speech voices, including a Northern Irish accent generator, to make Irish and English voiceovers for audiences in Ireland.

Today, we added Bronagh and Dearbhla, two realistic female text to speech voices based on Irish voice talent. Bronagh is a gentle Dublin accent English language voice, and Dearbhla is a Northern Irish accent text to speech voice for Irish Gaelic.

Northern Irish Accent Generato

The new Dearbhla voice makes it easy to create Northern Irish voice over for language lessons, social media videos and marketing materials easily and conveniently, without having to hire Northern Irish voice talent. Speaking with Northern Ireland Accent (Belfast) this voice can be combined with other Gaelic Irish voices, or English Irish accent generators, to create interesting dialogue and Irish voiceovers.

To try out the new voices in action, check out our Irish Gaelic Text to Speech and Irish Accent English Text to Speech pages.

The new voices are immediately available to all our users, at no extra cost.

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