Create video poster images

You can now automatically create poster images, to use as covers or thumbnails when publishing videos.

Narakeet can create the poster image from the first or last frame, or for videos that have an intro or outro section, use an image close to the start or the end.

When the video build completes, click the “Get Poster” button at the bottom. Your browser will download the poster image to the local device, so you can easily publish it with your video.

Creating posters from presentations

When making a video from a presentation, just edit the settings, and look for the poster setting at the bottom.

Select the poster frame from video options

Creating posters from markdown scripts

Users that create videos from Markdown scripts or using our API can set the poster image using the poster time header.

poster-time: 10%

For more information, see the poster-time format documentation.

Creating posters from the API

When creating videos using our API, set the poster-time header, and use the poster field from the final result to download the image.

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