Huge voice update - more than 600 voices now available

We are excited to announce that Narakeet now offers over 600 realistic voice generators, with the addition of 44 new voices! Among the new voices are 6 child voices, including Japanese and Spanish, expanding the range of options for creating engaging and authentic content.

Text to speech voices

Check out the list below for all the new voice synthesis options.

English Online Text to Speech Voices

We have 13 new English text to speech voice options, including two new Australian English Child voices. To hear them in action, watch the demo video on the Australian text to speech and British accent generator demo pages. Here are the new English voices:

  • Gail (Australian)
  • Clive (Australian)
  • Ross (Australian)
  • Sally (Australian)
  • Patti (Australian)
  • Robin (Australian)
  • Shane (Australian)
  • Virginia (Australian)
  • Troy (Australian)
  • Greg (Australian)
  • Tara (Child)
  • Ruth (Child)
  • Lynne (British, Northern)

Spanish Text to Speech Converters

Say ¡Hola! to 13 new Castilian (European) Spanish voices, including Dulce - our first Castilian Spanish child voice. To hear them in action, check out the demo video on the Spanish Text to Speech demo page.

  • Almudena
  • Octavio
  • Alejandra
  • Rafael
  • Emilio
  • Aurora
  • Francisco
  • Soledad
  • Luis
  • Horacio
  • Mercedes
  • Paloma
  • Dulce (Child)

Chinese (Mandarin) TTS Online

你好 - use 11 new Mandarin Chinese voices to make content for mainland China. Yuqi and Jianhua are child voices, adding more options for content targeted at young audiences, and learning materials for school children. Hear the new voices by playing the demo video on the Mandarin Chinese Text to Speech page.

  • Ziwen
  • Chao
  • Baihe
  • Dawei
  • Luodan
  • Hanyu
  • Jianbin
  • Hetang
  • Jueming
  • Yuqi (Child)
  • Jianhua (Child)

Japanese Text to Audio Converters

こんにちは! Our five new Japanese voices make it easy to create Japanese voiceovers, scenes for online videos and language lessons. With Fumiko, a cute girl text to speech voice, you can make your manga or anime come alive. Try them out, and listen to a demo video on our Text To Speech Japanese demo page.

  • Hideaki
  • Kaori
  • Kenji
  • Kuniko
  • Fumiko (Child)

Korean AI Text to Speech

Our new Korean voice adds more variety to your Hangul voiceovers.

  • Da-hee

Hear Da-hee in action by playing the demo video on the Korean Voice Generators page.

Dutch Text to Voice Generator

Last, but not least, we have a new realistic Dutch text to speech online voice generator.

  • Fransje

Hear Fransje in action on our Dutch Voiceovers page.

Using the new text to speech voices

All the new voices are immediately available, at no extra cost, to all our users. You can use them directly from our Text to Audio tool, or when converting presentations and slides to videos.

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The media on this page includes images and videos by Hanson Lu on Unsplash