Hide sensitive areas of a screencast

You can now automatically hide parts of images or videos. This is useful for screencasts where you don’t want to show sensitive information. Use the new call-out style property to create masked areas of videos or background images, and hide sensitive areas such as password or credit card fields.

Callouts can be used to highlight parts of images. From today, you can use an additional style property on a callout to turn it from a highlight into a mask. This will draw a black rectangle over a sensitive area of your recording, so you do not have to worry about exposing private data. For example, the following piece of code will paint a black rectangle when showing the payment.mp4 video in a scene.


  type: rectangle
  style: mask
  left: 717
  top: 350
  right: 997
  bottom: 388

Note the style property in the second line of the callout. That is what turns it from a highlight into a mask.

For more information, see the callout documentation, and check out the Callouts example on GitHub for a full working demo.

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