You can now measure exact duration for audio segments

Previews now show the exact duration for the selected segment, making it easier to accurately fit content to voiceover duration. This is useful when selecting the voice speed to fit specific timecodes, such as when generating audio from SRT subtitles, or when you want to ensure that the generated audio clip can fit into the constraints of your publishing platform or some third-party content.

Previously, it was only possible to get a rough estimate of the duration before creating an audio file, using average voice reading statistics. The new preview duration display shows the actual accurate duration in seconds, not an estimate, so it takes into consideration the exact text and voice (or voices) you want to use, along with all the other settings such as voice speed and emphasis and pauses.

To calculate the duration of a segment of your text, highlight (select) it and click the preview button. The actual duration of the preview will show in the top-right corner above the script box.

Calculate text to speech duration using previews

The new feature is immediately available to all our commercial users. Free users do not have access to the preview function, so they are not able to use this new tool.

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