Simpler subtitle to audio synchronization

Narakeet now automatically calculates audio speed when converting subtitles to audio. This makes it easier for people to convert SRT and VTT files to audio formats, and produce translated dubbing audio tracks.

Previously, you could upload SRT or VTT files and get an audio track, but if the selected voice was speaking slower than the timecodes, the audio would lag behind the subtitles. From today, Narakeet will automatically speed up each subtitle section if the audio would be too long for the subtitle timecodes.

If the selected voice is speaking much slower than your expected timecodes, we still recommend still running the conversion at a higher base speed, but this is no longer necessary. If you do it, then the sections that require speeding up will not sound too much different from the others.

For more information on converting SRT and VTT files to audio, check out page Convert Subtitles to Audio.

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