New French, German and American AI voice generators

With five new AI voice generators, you have more than 740 realistic text to speech narrator options available.

Five new AI voice generators

Dietrich and Gertrud are German young adult (20-30 year old) voices. Jackson is a 30-40 year old American male voice, with a neutral accent. Jacques and Lucienne are middle-age (40-50) year old French voices.

To hear the new voices in action, play the audio below:

  • Gertrud - Standard German 
  • Dietrich - Standard German 
  • Jackson - American English 
  • Jacques - Metropolitan French 
  • Lucienne - Metropolitan French 

Although these voices are for popular languages where we already have lots of options, what’s important is that they are also trained for lots of other languages, so you can use them to create multi-lingual content, or as extra options for many languages where there are only a few choices. To read out loud text for a non-primary language with these voices, use the narration-language stage direction or header. For example, the following script will use Gertrud to read out text in Ukrainian.

(voice: gertrud)

(narration-language: uk-UA)

Сьогодні в Харкові проживають представники понад 100 національностей, зареєстровані і діють 65 національно-культурних об'єднань.

The new voices are immediately available to all our users, at no extra cost.

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