9 new AI voices, expanding to 101 languages

With 9 new AI voice generators, you can now create realistic TTS with AI voices in more than 100 languages and dialects.. We’re adding support for Zulu (KwaZulu-Natal/South Africa), Sinhala (Sri Lanka) and Sundanese (Java/Indonesia) languages.

9 new AI voice generators

The new languages have two native trained AI voices each (male and female), and also the additional support of our Polyglot voices. To hear the new voices in action, check out the links below.

  • Yifei - Mandarin Chinese 
  • Jing - Mandarin Chinese 
  • Quan - Mandarin Chinese 
  • Sanath - Sinhala 
  • Dilhani - Sinhala 
  • Atep - Sundanese 
  • Asyifa - Sundanese 
  • Menzi - Zulu 
  • Nandi - Zulu 

All new the voices are immediately available to all our users. Try them out using our Text to Audio tool.

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For a full list of all the supported languages and voices, check out the Text to Speech Voices page.

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