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Easily convert text to speech in Uzbek, and 100 more languages. Try our Uzbek text to speech free online. No registration required.

Create Audio

Uzbek Text to Speech generators can help you easily produce audio and video materials for audiences in Uzbekistan, including voice over for YouTube videos, language lessons or marketing video clips. Our Uzbek voice synthesizers sound natural, and read Uzbek text similar to how a native speaker would pronounce it.

Uzbek is a Turkic language that is the national language of Uzbekistan, spoken by about 40 million people. Based on the number of native speakers, it is the second most popular Turkic language. It has a lot of Arabic, Persian and Russian influences in everyday speech, and used several writing systems historically, including Arabic, Latin and Cyrillic. Narakeet text to speech Uzbek voices can read Latin script only, so make sure to transcribe any Cyrillic or Arabic text to Latin first before converting it to audio.

Uzbek TTS Voices

Narakeet has 3 Uzbek text to speech male and female voices. Play the video below (with sound) for a quick demo.

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Uzbek Voice Over

Narakeet makes it easy to create videos and audio files with life-like audio from text. Get started with Uzbek text to speech free. Select from one of our text-to-speech Uzbek male and female voices below, and enter some text to create the audio.

In addition to these voices, Narakeet has 700 text-to-speech voices in 100 languages.

For more options (uploading Word documents, voice speed/volume controls, working with Powerpoint files or Markdown scripts), check out our Tools.

Uzbek accent generator

Uzbek text to speech generators are a great way to quickly create audio and video materials in Uzbek language. Use our Uzbek voice synthesis to quickly create materials such as:

  • Uzbek TTS YouTube videos
  • TTS Uzbek social media stories
  • AI voice Uzbek audio messages
  • Uzbek text to voice audiobooks
  • Uzbek text reader automation

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