New child voice: Timmy

With remote education becoming more popular, many teachers started to use Narakeet to engage students better than with just plain presentations. To help you create more engaging dialogue in your videos, we added another child voice, called Timmy. Here is a quick example.

Creating a dialogue with Narakeet is easy. You just need to add a voice stage direction in a separate paragraph before some text, and it will change the active voice. Here is an example:

(voice: Britney)

Why is that useful?

(voice: Timmy)

In a triangle with a right angle, 
if I know the lengths of two sides,
I can find the length of the third side easily.

In addition to Timmy, Narakeet supports two more child voices, Missy and Mickey. To try out the voices, check out the list of available voices.

For more information on how to control narration and voices with Narakeet, check out our guide on How to add voice to video.

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