Spread a sentence across multiple slides

Narakeet usually creates a small prosodic break at the end of each slide, similar to finishing a paragraph when reading. This is great for most situations, but it is not good if you want to split a single sentence across multiple scenes or slides, for example when revealing an answer to a question.

You can now use the narration-mode stage direction to tell Narakeet to use a smaller break, akin to pausing between words in a sentence.

Set the narration-mode to fragment before the fragmented sentence part, and Narakeet will create a continuous narration flow between scenes.

(narration mode: fragment)

the correct answer is

For an example of this stage direction in action, check out the video below:

For more information on how this video was built, and to download the source presentation, see the Control pauses in narration lesson.

You can also use this stage direction in scripts to show multiple images during a single sentence. Here is an example:


(narration-mode: fragment)

The most productive part of my day



(narration-mode: fragment)

are the five minutes before



I actually wake up!

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