Better voices for Russian narration

You can now create better Russian language narration, including the ability to mark stressed vowels, and ensure that the generated sound has the correct meaning. This is now possible with two new Russian voices, Sergey and Natalia. Play the video below to hear a sample.

(The video includes royalty-free images from

To mark a stressed vowel, use the caret symbol (Shift+6 on most Russian keyboards) before the vowel to stress. For example, the following narration will stress the second vowel (и).


To stress the о, just put the caret in front of it.


This ability to stress vowels is only available with voices Sergey and Natalia, and will not work with the other Russian language voices.

We’d like to thank Nikita Dubko and Георгий Осипович for their help and advice in building this feature.

For more information on how to control narration and voices with Narakeet, check out our guide on how to Add voice over to videos in presentations. Also, test the other available voices.

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