Improved API

We just released a major update to our API and command-line client, making it much easier to integrate video builds into your own software or delivery pipeline.

For example, you can set up a CI step to deploy your application and take screen-shots of key pages, then use Narakeet to include the latest look and feel of your application into explainer videos automatically. Another common use-case for Narakeet video automation is to create several versions of a single video, for example in different languages.

Until today, integrating with our API required hosting assets yourself, which was a big barrier for many people. Our new API supports uploading files directly to Narakeet, and building directly from files on your local disk. Here is a quick example: the following command will create a video from the local directory called my-video-project, with the main video script in video.txt inside that directory.

narakeet-api-client \
  --repository-type local-dir \
  --repository my-video-project \
  --source video.txt \
  --api-key $API_KEY

For more information on how to use the Narakeet API, check out Automating video production.

For information on the command-line client tool, check out Using the Narakeet Command-line Tool.

Narakeet helps you create narrated videos quickly, using text-to-speech to turn Powerpoint presentations and Markdown scripts into engaging videos. It is under active development, so things change frequently. Keep up to date: RSS, Slack, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok