New German text-to-speech voices

You can now make better German-language videos using five new text-to-speech voices, including one that speaks with a Swiss German accent. The new voices are Andreas, Martina, Bruno, Klara and Heidi (Swiss). Play the video below to hear how they sound.

Andreas, Martina, Bruno, Klara and Heidi are immediately available to all our users, at no additional cost. To try the new voices using the text-to-audio preview tool, or use the voice in your videos, select the German language. You’ll find Heidi under the German (CH) section. For more information, check out the tutorial on How to change the video voice over language. This brings the total number of voices Narakeet supports to 189.

Video voice-over in German

With more variety in text-to-speech voices, you can create engaging dialogues and make the audio narration of your videos more interesting for the audience. It’s easy to switch between different voices in the same scene. Just use the voice stage direction, such as in the example below:

(voice: Klara)

Hallo, ich bin Klara. Wer bist du?

(voice: bruno)

Hallo, ich bin Bruno. Ich lebe in Berlin.

You can also use the new languages to create easy foreign-language lesson videos, by switching between German and another language. Check out our lesson on Creating dialog using multiple voices for more information and a few tips on making the most out of mixing voices in the same scene.

Text to speech - tips and tricks

The new voices are all based on neural network text-to-speech processing, which creates human-like audio from your script. Neural voices use machine learning to understand the context around a piece of text when reading it, and adjust the pronunciation to fit the context. To get the best results using these voices, use full sentences within relatively short paragraphs, and make sure that each paragraph has a logical meaning. Check out Five tips for Video Narration for some more tips on how to make the most out of text-to-speech voices.

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