Russian Text-To-Speech: 3 new voices

Make better Russian language text-to-speech videos and audio files, using three new voices: Irina, Vladimir and Vera. Play the video below (with sound) to hear the new voices in action.

The new voices enable you to create more varied dialogues and more interesting content, combining with our older Russian language voices. To see an example, check out the lovely video Как создать комментируемое видео в Narakeet created using Narakeet by Георгий Осипович, from Didaktor.

Irina, Vladimir and Vera are immediately available to all our users. To try the new voices using the text-to-audio preview tool, or use the voice in your videos, select the Russian language.

The video includes photos by James Kovin, Tengyart and Annika Palmari on Unsplash.

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