Create slideshow sequences easily

Today we’re making it much easier to create a continuous slideshow of images with uninterrupted narration. This makes it significantly easier to create property listing videos, animated picture books and marketing videos.

Until now, each video scene could have one visual asset (image, video or slide) and one audio asset (narration, voiceover or audio files), and Narakeet would synchronise each scene so that audio and video duration match. This is great when each scene has some separate meaning, for example in tutorials and video lectures. But it made it difficult to create a continuous stream of images with uninterrupted text. From today, you have one additional synchronisation option available. Narakeet can show a sequence of images and synchronise them together with a single audio asset. This is great for videos where a bunch of images together show a concept, or when you want to display a stream of visuals for a single sentence.

Making slideshows from Powerpoint

If you’re making videos form Powerpoint, mark the start of the sequence with a stage direction setting narration-mode to merge, and mark the end of a sequence with a stage direction marking narration-mode to normal. This will in effect join the slides in the sequence into a single scene.

For more information, a quick demo and an example presentation check out the lesson on How to create a slideshow from Powerpoint.

Making slideshows from a script

To make a video slideshow from several images in a script, just list all the images in the same scene. Previously, Narakeet only allowed one image per scene. Now, if a scene contains multiple images, they will all be shown in sequence for a proportion of the time. For example, if the audio voiceover duration is 5 seconds, and you have 10 images, each image will be shown for approximately half a second. Here’s an example:

This sentence will be synchronised with a stream of three images.





This is a new scene, showing a separate image


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