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Girl voice text to speech for videos, game characters, voice messages and social media posts. Get started with AI girl voices free, no need to register.

Here are our 5 most popular AI girl voice options for English language:

Looking for other languages? Check out our full set of Child Text To Speech voices for other girl voice generator text to speech languages and voice options. For example, make text to speech Spanish girl language lessons, or Italian girl text to speech tourist guides.

Looking for older female voices? Check out our Female voice generator page.

Girl Voice Text to Speech

AI girl voice generators allow you to quickly and easily produce audio content for educational, entertainment and informational content aimed at younger audiences, as well as younger characters in video games, movies and any type of broadcasting. They can be used in various roles such as cute girl voice text to speech, ideal for language lessons, or shy girl voice text to speech, good for dialogue and voiceovers in cartoons.

Check out the video below (with sound) for a quick demo of some of our most popular girl text to speech options:

Narakeet has 700 more voices in 90 other languages. full voice list.

Girl Voice Generator

It’s very easy to create girl voice audio files with Narakeet. All you have to do is type up some text into the Script field of our Text to Audio tool, select one of the dozens of girl AI voice options, and click the “Create Audio” button. You can make MP3 girl voice audio, or use WAV or M4A formats if you want higher quality or smaller file size. Check out our guide on how to create high-quality text to speech audio for information on choosing the file format for your text to speech girl audio recordings.

How to do a Girl Voice?

Girl voices are generally higher pitch than regular adult voices. Narakeet has dozens of realistic AI girl text to speech voices, which you can use directly, but you can also transform many female text to speech generators into a girl voice generator by increasing the voice pitch. This is a good way to create a girl AI voice in a language where we do not have a pre-trained girl voice AI. For example, you can use the adult female voice Neerja with a higher voice pitch to create an Indian girl voice recording. To try it out, copy and paste the following script into the script box above:

(voice: neerja)

(voice-pitch: 25)

Do you need help with your homework?

For more information on pitch controls, check out our guide on How to adjust the voice pitch.

Text to Speech Girl Voice Free

Use our text to girl voice converter free to make 20 audio files, without even registering.

Get started

For more AI girl voice text to speech capacity, and to get commercial usage rights (including monetising girl voice AI on social media), see our commercial accounts.

Girl Voice Changer

You can use Narakeet as a girl voice changer online, with support for dictation.

  1. Open the Text to Voice tool.
  2. Click the “Dictate” button, then speak into your computer or phone microphone
  3. Select one of the girl AI voice options from the “Voice” drop-down menu
  4. Click “Create Audio” to use the selected girl voice to read aloud
  5. Click the “Download” button to transfer the girl voice audio file to your device.

Text to Girl Voice

An AI girl voice generator is an excellent choice for producing lots of different types of audio and video content. Using a girl voice AI is much faster and more reliable than hiring real voice actors, especially younger ones. A girl text to speech system can produce professional quality consistent output from hours of materials at once, faster than getting a human to read it out loud, and can easily work with complex phrases and terminology, which might be a struggle when trying to record real children.

Here are 10 good use cases for girl text to speech:

  1. Animation and Cartoons: Instead of relying on young voice actors, an AI girl voice generator can produce consistent character voices for animated series or movies. Make little girl voice text to speech cartoon narration in seconds using our tools.
  2. Educational Apps: For apps targeting younger audiences, a text to girl voice converter can make learning content more relatable and engaging for young learners.
  3. Tiktok girl voice generator: Make Tiktok videos with girl voice AI narration in minutes, no need to re-record scripts multiple times to fix mistakes.
  4. Interactive Storytelling: Digital books and story apps can come alive with a natural sounding girl narrator, making the experience more enjoyable for kids.
  5. Product Demonstrations: Companies that sell products for children can use girl voice AI for product demos or commercials, which can resonate more with the target audience.
  6. Girl voice translator: A text to girl voice converter can help you convert your own speech, or a script prepared for a different audience, into a voice message, audio greeting or a virtual message with the voice of a young girl. You can easily make girl text to speech meme videos for social network posts.
  7. Language Learning Platforms: When teaching languages, having a variety of voices, including a girl’s voice, can offer learners a more comprehensive listening experience. Girl text to speech synthesizers can make such content easy to produce, in a variety of languages.
  8. Safety and Instructional Videos: For content aimed at educating children on safety measures, an AI girl voice text to speech voice can be less intimidating and more effective than an adult voice.
  9. Toy Prototyping: Before launching interactive toys, manufacturers can use an AI girl voice generator to test how their products would sound and adjust accordingly.
  10. Feedback and Surveys: Companies seeking feedback from younger demographics can use an AI voice generator girl voice to make automated phone or video surveys more child-friendly.

Check our Text to Audio tool to get started quickly. For more information on our voice options and a demo of how to use text to speech conversion, check out the AI Voice Generator guide.

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