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Read text out loud using realistic text to speech voices. Get started free.

For other languages (Narakeet can read words out loud in 100 languages), text to speech reader control options (pitch, speed and more) use our full Text to Audio tool.

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Online text to speech is a great way to quickly and conveniently say out loud text from a variety of sources. Play the video below (with sound) for a quick demonstration of how to use our read aloud text to speech system.

Read Aloud Online

Narakeet can read out loud books, articles and short text snippets in 100 languages, with 700 TTS reader voice options. Narakeet will generate voice from your text, read aloud, and in a few minutes, you’ll be able to download a MP3 file that you can listen to in any audio player.

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Read aloud text easily. Get started with our text to voice generator free.

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Make 20 voice reader files free, then upgrade to a paid plan to make more text to voice files. Paid plans provide more capacity than free accounts, so you can read out loud text from larger documents, but even on the free plan you have access to all our 700 natural reader text to speech voices, that can read out loud in 100 languages.

Read Aloud Text

Text to speech technology has come a long way, and its applications extend far beyond medical assistance and supporting disabled users. With the evolution of text reader software and the rise of natural reader voices, users can enjoy the convenience and speed of content creation across various industries and purposes. Narakeet is an app that reads text, and here are some typical use cases for our online text to speech:

Listen to course materials

One popular use case for text to speech technology is the TTS reader for learning and education. Students can utilize a text reader online to listen to course materials, which can increase comprehension and retention of information. The ability to have a text read naturally means that learners can immerse themselves in the content while performing other activities, such as exercising or commuting.

Read aloud books

One of the primary advantages of “text to talk” is its ability to save you time. Turn any Word or PDF document into an audiobook just for you. By using our text to voice generator, users can effortlessly have any text read out loud to them. Listen to your favorite articles or documents while you’re on the go or engaged in other activities. Experience the transformative power of our text to speech reader today, and discover the incredible benefits for yourself.

Turn any article into a podcast or audiobook

Another area where text to speech shines is in content consumption. Use Narakeet as an essay reader, and listen to long-form articles and blog posts, making it easier to absorb information without straining their eyes or spending extended periods reading. This can be especially useful for busy professionals who want to stay up-to-date with industry news, but have limited time to dedicate to reading.

Our article reader can act as a voice speaker, reading out loud any documents you copy or upload to it. You can use it to public audio versions of your content, or to provide your audiences with an alternative way to read your text on the go.

Read My Text Out Loud

Our cutting-edge text to speech reader is designed to read aloud online from text in Word documents, PDF files, EPUB ebooks and many more formats. It can read naturally, as a native speaker would speak to text. Read outloud everything from short recipes to full book volumes. Try out the word pronouncer audio on smaller sections using audio previews, to find the best AI speech generator for your needs. Then use that voice quickly as a “read to me text” generator.

Sentence reader

Text to speech technology can be a valuable asset for language learners. By using a tool that can speak a text, users can practice their listening skills, improve their pronunciation, and familiarize themselves with the nuances of a foreign language. This interactive approach to language learning can be more engaging and enjoyable compared to traditional methods. Narakeet can read text in 100 languages, making it a perfect language learning companion.

Read this to me

Authors and editors can leverage our online text reader as a “read my text” tool, to to proofread and review their written work more effectively. Listening to the text being read aloud can help detect errors, inconsistencies, or awkward phrasings that may have been overlooked during silent reading. This can lead to higher-quality writing and a more polished final product.

Read out subtitle files

Another option for reading text aloud is to produce synchronized content from subtitles. This is great for making alternative audio tracks for videos.

Make sure to use our full Text to Audio tool. Get a subtitle file. Translate it to a different language, and keep the original timestamps. Then use the “Upload file” button to load the translated file. Make sure to select the right language and choose a nice voice for your audio. Narakeet will synchronize the resulting audio with your subtitle timestamps automatically.

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