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In addition to these voices, Narakeet also offers dozens of other English language voices, and 700 video voiceover ai options in 100 languages. For a full list of voices and additional options, check our full Text to Audio tool.

Vlog Voice Overs

Video blog, video log, or a vlog is a blog in video form. Vlog video channels usually provide a narrative of personal experiences, focusing on some aspect of the life or work of the vlogger. Other common vlog types focus on essays in video form. Unlike news or streamer channels, a vlog channel does not necessarily show the narrator in the video. You can create a vlog focusing on the visuals, and provide a vlog voiceover to complement the imagery.

A vlog voice over is the audio recording providing commentary during a video. When a human narrator is present in the video, the narrators voice is used for the voiceover. Such vlogs require expensive recording equipment, a lot of preparation and recording time.

Creating a vlog without showing your face can be easier and simpler, especially for beginners. For vlog videos where the narrator is rarely shown or never present, AI voices are a perfect choice for vlog narration.

How do you voice over a vlog?

To voice over a vlog, you can use the Narakeet Text to Audio tool. Simply type or copy/paste the narration text for the vlog voice over script into the Script box, then click “create audio” to turn your text into an audio vlog voiceover recording. To get the best audio quality for using in video editing tools, we recommend using the WAV audio format for your vlog voiceovers. (Narakeet also supports MP3 and MP4 audio formats, which are smaller but lower quality).

Vlog voice generator

Vlog Voice Overs

Using a vlog voice generator has its advantages and disadvantages compared to recording your own voice (or using a professional host). Here are five key benefits:

  1. Consistency and Quality: AI voices ensure consistent tone, clarity, and quality across all vlog episodes, enhancing viewer experience and maintaining a professional standard.

  2. Multilingual Capabilities: AI voiceovers can easily switch between languages, making vlogs accessible to a global audience without the need for multiple human narrators. This is particularly easy with our Polyglot voices, which are trained for lots of different languages.

  3. Saving time and money: Using AI for vlog voiceovers saves production time and reduces costs. AI voices are several orders of magnitude cheaper than hiring hiring voice actors, and allow you to record the audio much faster than you would do it yourself.

  4. Customization and Personalization: AI voices can be tailored to match the vlog’s brand personality, including specific accents, tones, and styles that resonate with the target audience.

  5. Accessibility and Inclusivity: AI voiceovers can improve accessibility by providing clear and articulate narration, benefiting viewers with hearing impairments or language barriers.

On the other side, a human narrator is sometimes better than an AI voice. Here are the key downsides of using AI voices:

  1. Lack of Emotional Nuance: AI voices cannot capture the full range of human emotions. An actual human can be more engaging and expressive when narrating.

  2. Lack of Authenticity: Human narrators can bring a personal touch and authenticity to the content, creating a stronger connection with the audience that AI voices might lack.

  3. Pronunciation and Context Errors: AI voices may mispronounce rare or unusual words, such as place names or personal names. With Narakeet, you can use the International Phonetic Alphabet to spell out how to pronounce unusual words, and avoid this issue.

  4. Customization Complexity: While AI voices can be tailored, achieving a perfect match to the desired tone and style can be complex and time-consuming, potentially requiring multiple adjustments.

In general, AI vlog voice over generators are a good match for vlogs where the focus is more on the content than on emotional delivery. Video essays would be a great match. Personal daily routine news feeds would be a bad match.

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