TTS Joanna

Joanna text to speech realistic voice generator is available online from Narakeet. Try it free. No need to register.

Read text out loud using the Joanna voice text to-speech generator. Enter the text for reading out loud into “Script” box and click “Create Audio”.

With Narakeet, you can create voice reader audio in 100 languages, with 700 text speaker options. For other text to audio reader options, check out our full Text to Audio tool.

Joanna Text to Speech

Listen to the Joanna TTS speech reader demo by playing the video below (with sound). You will hear the Joanna voice reading out loud text from a imagined radio news, and a fantasy audiobook.

For more use cases and different text to speech reader options, check out our other American English TTS voices.

Free Joanna voice text-to-speech

Try our text to speech Joanna US voice free now, without even registering. You can convert 20 scripts into audio files using Joanna TTS free.

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Once you spend the free trial capacity, upgrade to a commercial plan to produce more content, get commercial usage and TTS monetization rights, and a lot more.

Joanna voice text to speech

AI Joanna voice sounds as a 40 to 50 year old woman, speaking with authority, so she is perfect for AI newscaster voice roles.

Joanna text to speech voice is direct and clear, and she is also a good choice for audiobooks, or other types of book text to speech conversion.

Joanna’s intonation captures the audience’s attention, making her ideal for documentary narrations. With a tone that exudes confidence, she can effectively convey complex topics in educational materials.

Joanna text to speech generator supports the international phonetic alphabet, making it possible to specify exactly how to say some words. This can be very useful for foreign names or invented places, making Joanna a great choice when you want to have full control of the pronunciation. This can be critically important for AI news announcer voices, as well as fictional literature.

Customizing Joanna TTS pronunciation

You can use IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) phonemes to specify how Joanna AI voice should pronounce words. This is very useful to ensure that the text to speech generator reads out uncommon place names, or when reading invented words or places in fiction books.

Here is an example how to use the IPA phonemes to modify the pronunciation. In the sample below, the Joanna US text to speech voice will read some words with an American, and some with British pronunciation.

Americans say [ˈskɛdʒ.uːl]{ipa}. In England, this would be [ˈʃɛd.juːl]{ipa}

Americans will show you their [dæns]{ipa} moves, but in England they [dɑːns]{ipa} instead.

IPA support makes the Joanna text to speech voice maker a great option for podcasts, tourist guides or radio ads.

For more information on using the Joanna AI voice with phonetic alphabet modifications, check out our guide on using IPA and X-SAMPA alphabets.

How do I get Joanna text to speech?

American English Joanna text to speech voice is available directly from Narakeet. Here is how to get Joanna text to speech:

  1. Open the Text to Audio tool,
  2. Select “English - American” from the Language box
  3. Select “Joanna” from the voice box.

This will activate the Joanna TTS voice.

You can then enter some text into the “Script” box, and click “Create Audio” to make the audio file using the voice of Joanna.

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