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Deep voice text to speech generator can help you create audiobooks, podcasts and announcements that sound powerful and persuasive. Try free online now.

Deep Voice Text To Speech

Narakeet has more than 700 AI voice generators in 90 languages. Some of our voices have a naturally low pitch, as the voice actor recording it had a deep voice. You can use those voices to create deep voice TTS.

Check out the video below (with sound) for a quick demo of some of our most popular English language deep voice generator text to speech options.

To discover deep text to speech voice options in other languages, or hear the other AI text to speech generators in action, check out our full list of text to speech voices.

Deep Voice Generator

Most of our voices support voice pitch controls, so you can turn almost any voice into a deep one by lowering the pitch. Here is an example how to turn Mike, an American voice with a relatively high pitch, into a deep male voice text to speech.

(voice: mike)

(voice-pitch: -60)

In the vast expanse of time, we stand but for a fleeting moment. Yet in that
moment, our choices echo through the ages. We are not mere pawns in the grand
theater of life. We possess the power to shape destiny, to rise above
adversity. When the world crumbles and hope wanes, remember this: our spirit
remains unbroken.

To try this example out, copy and paste it into the script box above, then click “Create Audio”. For more information on voice pitch modifications, check out our guide on How to adjust voice pitch.

Deep Voice Text to Speech Free

Try our deep voice text to speech generator easily online. You can convert 20 text to speech deep voice free, without even registering. To try the most popular text to speech deep male voice options, use the script box above. To access more deep male voice generator options, or to generate female deep voices, use our full Text to Audio tool.

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If you exceed the free account capacity, or need to build longer audio files, just upgrade to one of our commercial plans. You will be able to create hours of audio in a single task, turn hundreds of messages quickly into audio using our batch creation function, and get access to previews for testing, so you can experiment easily with pitch controls and voice options.

Text to Speech Deep Voice

Deep voice AI text to speech can help you create high-impact audio and video materials. Audiences often associate deep voices with characteristics like strength, wisdom, and authority, so deep voice audio recordings can be particularly useful if you want to convey one of those feelings. Here are 10 use cases for text to deep voice audio recordings:

  1. Narration for Film and TV: Deep voices are often used in movie trailers, documentaries, and TV shows to convey gravitas or suspense. AI text to speech deep voice generators can help you create broadcast-quality materials very quickly.
  2. Radio Jingles: Deep voices can give radio stations a distinct sound, especially for genres like rock, classical, or jazz that might want to convey a more profound or mature feel. TTS deep voice synthesizers can help you create hundreds of similar radio recordings, and enforce your brand while providing customized messages for each program or special occasions.
  3. Voice Assistants and IVR: Some people prefer a deeper voice for their digital assistants or interactive voice response systems, feeling it sounds more authoritative or calming. Deep AI voice generators can help you create entire menus and dozens of prompts and responses quickly, from a single Excel spreadsheet.
  4. Meditation and Relaxation Guides: Deep voices can have a calming effect, making them ideal for meditation and relaxation recordings.
  5. Advertisements: Products or services wanting to project strength, reliability, or luxury might opt for a deep-voiced narrator in their commercials.
  6. Educational Content: A deep voice can be perceived as authoritative, making it ideal for e-learning materials or educational podcasts where trustworthiness is essential.
  7. Video Games: Many video game characters, especially powerful or wise ones, have deep voices to enhance their presence in the game’s narrative.
  8. Public Announcements: Deep voices can command attention, making them suitable for public announcements in busy areas like train stations or airports.
  9. Music Production: Deep voice recordings can be integrated into music tracks, either as background vocals, spoken word interludes, or other creative incorporations.
  10. Podcasts: Especially in genres like true crime, history, or deep analysis, a deep voice can add a level of seriousness and immersion, drawing listeners into the story or topic.

For more information on how to use our text to speech voices, check our guide on AI voice generators.

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